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Calling Someone

So faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God – Romans 10:17.

What we hear is essential to building faith; we can either hear positive words or negative words; both will build faith, negative or positive.

Have you ever wondered why your prayers have not been answered or why it appears you can’t reach the goals you desire to have in life? Sometimes our faith will become negative rather than positive. The words we speak will either build positive faith or negative faith.

What we hear is what we speak, there is nothing wrong with keeping up with the news, but when you continue to listen to all the things that are happening in the world, it will weaken your faith. You will begin to think and speak negative words.

If you are a Christian, you are in the world, but you are not in the world. Your citizenship is heavenly. Your provider is not of this world; your physician does not have the last say so. Just as we pour all the negative of the news report, we must also pour the Word of God daily in us.

If you continue to say I can barely make ends meet, you will continue to have trouble with your finances. You will face reality, but God’s Word supersedes what is seen in your reality. If you have friends who will join in with you saying they can barely make it, you have someone agreeing with you with your negative words.

You’re speaking in agreement with what you don’t have. What you speak is what you will have! Speak positively even though you don’t see it in the natural, continue to speak it, and it will be pulled from the spirit into the natural.

God wants you to prosper in spirit and in the natural; God will give you ideas and strategies for improving your natural life. He doesn’t want you to be rich naturally and in poverty in your spirit. Place God first, and He will enable you to succeed in life; you serve a Supernatural God that does supernatural things.

Speak God’s Word over situations and circumstances. His Word will not return to Him void; He watches over His Word to perform them. Let your faith be in God’s Word, not what you hear or see. God’s Word can open doors that man can’t shut. His Word will cancel out the doctor’s report. His Word will make a rebellious child obedient. His Word can remove lack in every area of your life when you speak the Word of God. Words spoken can either be a blessing or a curse!

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