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And the same day, when the even [evening] was come, He saith unto them, Let us pass over unto the other side – Mark 4:35.

There is always a beginning and an ending. What we do in the middle will decide whether or not we will reach the ending with victory.

One of the most difficult times to discipline our minds, mouths, mood as well has our behavior is in the midst of a storm that life or Satan has brought. This is the period between hearing God’s promise and then actually inheriting them. This is the time when you have to fight the good fight of faith because during this time is when Satan will attack your mind with doubt and unbelief.

Jesus disciples had just witnessed Jesus healing a leper, a centurion servant, and Peter’s mother-in-law. It was time for them to go on the other side. Jesus was tired, He was sleeping, while He was sleeping a great tempest in the sea came; it was so boisterous, the ship was covered with the waves.

The disciples awaken Him out of His sleep asking Him to save them. He asked them where were their faith. He rebuked the winds and the sea and there became a great calm. There is a time in our Christian walk; Jesus is going to tell us it’s time to go to the other side. This could be a promotion, or blessings, but before we know it, we begin to encounter a boisterous storm of circumstances that threaten to destroy us.

Every Christian experiences storms of life as well as Satan storms in various degrees, this is when our faith is tested and tried. God allows this because we need to learn how to react in the midst of the storm. Storms teaches us how to depend on God as well as how to do spiritual warfare.

Gabriel the messenger of God was sent to Zechariah to tell him, his prayers had been heard and he will receive an answer to his prayers. Zechariah and his wife was passed the age of producing a child. He was told by the angel what the child would be like and how he would be blessings to Israel; but Zechariah was in doubt because of the age of him and his wife age. Because he doubted, the angel made him mute until the child would be born.

He muted his mouth so that he wouldn’t be tempted to ask, why it took so long for the prayer to be answered; how will he produce a child at his age, or saying something negative. The angel made sure couldn’t nothing come out of his mouth that would hinder the plan of God. After the child was born, he was unmuted and magnified the God of his salvation.

We need to learn to limit our words or even be silent when we’re going through difficult times. Insteadinstead of speaking out of upset, wounded emotions, it would be wise to keep quiet and allow the emotional storm subside.

We must grow in self-control and discipline our mouths. We should have a mindset we will order our conversation in accordance to God’s will. When we’re in a trial or being tested, we need to not look at what we’re going through but see ourselves and our circumstances through the eyes of faith. Knowing without a shadow of doubt that God is in control and He will make sure we get to the other side as we follow His leading.

Many times as we go through difficult times rather than speaking faith, we will speak negative, we will talk about what we’re going through rather than be silent, accepting what we’re going through, but knowing we will reach the othe side because we have Jesus walking with us and He will make sure we go to the other side.

Keeping silent will keep others from agreeing with our negativeness and unbelief. When two touch and agree, they will have what they say. How can two walk together unless they agreement.

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