Helping Women Build their Faith and Relationship with God

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True love never dies; it continues to grow. Sadly, many have not experienced this through parents, siblings, and spouses. God loves you with an everlasting love. Nothing you can or can’t do will turn His love away from you.

Because many have not experienced true love, they think God doesn’t love them, or they will not trust Him because of how others have treated them. God is not like people; He will be the same every day. His love does not change.

When you feel as though you’re not loved, remember God loves you; you can’t earn His love; it’s freely given. God will never leave you or forsake you. You can talk to Him about everything that concerns you, and He will perfect those things that concern you.

God is your protector, provider, healer, delivery, and peace in the midst of a storm. He walks with you through the storms of life. When there is a need in your life, tell Him about it because He will supply every one of your needs.

You don’t have to fight people; God will fight for you. You don’t have to allow people to disturb your peace, talk to the Father about them and allow Him to avenge you. Silence will keep your heart and allow you to keep your fellowship with the Father.

When you feel like you’re not loved, remember that God loved you so much that He gave His only begotten Son for you to be a child of God and be connected to the Father. Being connected to the Father is better than anything else in this world.

Genuine love comes from the Father and those whom He has placed His love within them. This love will never change. God uses people to show His love toward others, allow His love flow through you towards others.

A simple smile can brighten someone’s day; saying hello will let them know they are noticed. This year, let us know within ourselves we’re loved, and when we feel like we’re loved, we can express that love to others.

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