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Return unto thy rest, O my soul, for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee – Psalm 116:7.

Rest is something few women get to enjoy; it seems as though it’s always something to do. We need to rest for our bodies to heal and rejuvenate. When overworked, we’re not as alert, mistakes occur, and we don’t take the time to meet with our Father because we have been so busy doing other things.

When you’re tired and overworked, this gives the adversary access to influence you with all different types of thoughts and emotions. Satan knows when to send his imps to attack, and usually, it’s when we’re tired and desperately in need of rest.

When you’re rested, you’re more sensitive to the voice and Spirit of God. Your comprehension is better when you read the Bible than when you’re tired, and you’re just going through the motions. The adversary does not want you to read the Bible because he knows you will get to know the Father and your benefits as a child of God.

Satan knows he can’t get a dedicated Christian to willingly commit sin, so what he does he keep us busy with things that could really wait until another day or time. God created our bodies to heal themselves, but when the body is not receiving the right amount of sleep and rest that it needs, this will cause different mental and emotional problems to occur besides physical illness.

Absalom, son of King David, turned against his father, and he wanted to be king instead of his father. David’s counselor, Ahithophel, sided with Absalom and began to counsel him. Ahithopel requested Absalom to give him twelve thousand men to pursue after David; he told Absalom, “And I will come upon him while he is weary and weakhanded and will make him afraid.” (2nd Samuel 17:2).

This is exactly what the enemy does with us when we’re tired or when we’re going through some type of difficulty, and we’re not getting the proper sleep we should be receiving because we’re too busy thinking about what we’re going through. The majority of the time, when we’re in our emotions, it’s something the adversary influences us with.

In your tiredness, the enemy will begin to make you look at things totally different than when you were rested and alert. Someone can be talking to you, and the adversary will make you think something totally different than what the person actually meant.

When you’re tired, you are easily aggravated, easily influenced by the adversary, and easily hurt. When you’re rested, you have on the whole armor of God. You’re not dragging it or have pieces missing. Not only are you prayerful, but you are watchful.

Take time and get the proper rest you need so that you will be healthy and alert and have time to spend with the Father to keep connected to the Vine, the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls.

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