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But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, establish, strengthen, settle you – 1st Peter 5:10.

Suffering is something no one wants to endure whether it’s physically, mentally, emotionally, or financially. People don’t want to hear about suffering, but it’s something we all will encounter in one form or another. Suffering comes to the Christian as well as the non-Christian.

The Bible does not say when we become Christians we will not suffer, but it tells us we will suffer. Suffering comes because of a fallen world, it comes by the attack of Satan and his co-host, and it also comes when God allows trouble to come into our lives to mold and shape us more into the image of Him and His Son.

Suffering does not mean God does not love us or He’s angry with us, suffering causes our faith to grow because we will depend on God for our deliverance and not ourselves. Job was a godly man and kept himself from evil, but God allowed Satan to attack him, not because God didn’t love Job, but because He knew that whatever Satan did to him, Job would not deny his faith nor would He blame God.

God allowed Satan to attack Job physically with boils from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, all this happen after he had lost all of his children, his livestock, and then his wife told Job to curse God so that he would die. Jobs’ friends came and accused him of sinning against God the reason all these tragic things had to happen to him. In all of this Job did not lose faith neither did he blame God.

At the end of the testing, God blessed Job with more than he had in the beginning. He gave him more sons and daughters, God gave him more livestock than he had, and most of all Job’s faith was not shaken. Could it be what you’re experiencing is God is drawing you closer to Him? Could it be God is allowing what you going through to prove to Satan you’re a soldier of Jesus Christ? Could it be that God is anointing you to take you into different parts of the Spirit that you have never encountered?

God does not allow anything to come upon us or against us unless it’s going to work for our benefit. At the time were going through it may not seem to us, it’s working for our benefit, but God knows what’s best for you. Rest in God, know that Jesus will walk you through the valley and bring you to the mountain top!

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