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Large Group Of People

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity – Psalm 133:1

Unity is being in harmony, oneness, and it is brought about in each individual playing a part in it. Whether we’re believers or non-believers we should respect and honor one another as people and not be disliked because of the color of our skin, financial status, or educational status.

Hatred is a spirit that comes from Satan to bring division and disunity. Whether one believes in God or not, His Word over-rules what one thinks. God created mankind and He placed a portion of His Spirit in every one of us, making us of one blood.

People have a choice to love or hate, God is love and there is no hatred in Him other than sin. If we say, we know God, then we should know that we should love one another, have compassion towards each other. Satan wants to destroy mankind and he brings hatred for us to destroy one another. You can’t say you love God, but you hate people because they’re different from you.

As a people, we either allow God to use us, or we will allow Satan to use us. There are two spirits, God and Satan, which of these spirits are you allowing to use you?

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