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A sister is a woman or girl as she is related to the other children of her parents. A sister can be a stepsister or a female friend. As women we should consider ourselves sisters by the simple fact, we’re females, we are of the same gender. We’re different from our counterpart, we think differently and our character is different. Women were once considered to be the most gentle, compassionate, warm-hearted beings. One that would show mercy towards others, but down through the years as you observe women and compare our character and morals, some of us are lacking what made us different from some males. I’m not bashing men because there are some very good men that have high morals and character, but women have always been known for our passion towards others.

Some of us have slandered others in order to make ourselves look good. Not realizing what we sow will one day return to us and we will receive more than what we’ve done — seeds multiply. Some of us have lost compassion and mercy when we see another sister hurting, and the majority of the time, we’re the reason why the sister is hurting because of something we have said or done.

As Christian women, we should show more love towards each other than the unbeliever, because as Christians, we should govern our lives according to the Word of God. Whether we’re a believer or an unbeliever, as women, we shouldn’t be against one another, but helping each other. When you look into the Word of God, we’re instructed not to have envy, debates, wrath, strife, backbiting, whispering and conceit.

Usually, you don’t find this in a man’s character. As women, we’re jealous of each other when we shouldn’t be. We can see another woman dressed nicely or have a nice figure and we will envy or get jealous of her. You can tell you have envy or jealousy when you begin to dislike the person and you don’t know anything about them, or you try to find something negative to talk about them.

You don’t find backbiting, gossip, conceit, strife or envy between men and their male friends like you do with women. Men will stick together, as women, we have placed as much hurt on the sister as our male counterpart. What happened to the phrase, treat others as you wish to be treated? Many have broken marriages and homes because of coveting what someone else has.

A sister will go with another sister’s boyfriend or husband and have no regrets of what they have done. They haven’t thought about if the man cheated with them, what makes them think he will not cheat on them too! If a man or woman cheats on their girlfriend or wife this shows no moral or character in the individual and if you’re taking part of their deceit, you’re morals and character is just like theirs. If you don’t think more highly of yourself, you will receive less than what God has for you.

As women, and especially as Christian women, we should take a self-examination and see if we’re jealous of our sister if so, we need to nip it in the bud. Confess the sin to God and He will cleanse you from that sin and empower you to love and be thankful for the goodness and blessings God has placed on them. Never do to someone else you wouldn’t want them to do to you!

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