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Lustrous Wooden Cabinet With Regret File Label

Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it – 1st Thessalonians 5:24.

Each of us at one time or another have said or done something that we regret; the thing is, we can’t retract what we have done or said, so the best thing is to move forward. Each of us has an enemy whether we’re believers or non-believers, and his goal is to keep reminding you what you did in order to keep you stagnant.

One thing about life is that we all make mistakes and have regrets, and we will continue to do or say things that we regret, none of us is perfect. What we should do is focus on not making the same mistake. If we have offended someone, we need to go to that person and ask them for forgiveness. Don’t go to them saying if I’ve done or said something to offend you I’m sorry. One hundred percent of the time we know what we have said or done. Go to them with truth, I’ve offended you, or I have hurt you, and I am sorry, will you forgive me?

Many women have hurt themselves by being in relationships they never should have been in, be truthful to yourself; and purpose not to get in another relationship you shouldn’t be in. Some women have aborted their child and their conscience will not allow them to forgive themselves. Yes, no one has the right to take another person’s life, but for whatever reason, it was done, first, you need to ask God to forgive you, then you need to forgive yourself. Once you have asked for God’s forgiveness don’t allow Satan to keep rehearsing it in your mind.

The majority of adults know right from wrong, if we focus on what we’re about to do or say prior to saying or doing it, this will eliminate a lot of regrets. Never think you will live a perfect life without error, mistakes, or regrets. Live life one day at a time, focus on your future and not the past. If you can reconcile relationships great, if not, then make new friends and go on with life with a new attitude and wisdom, not to make the same mistake and regrets!

Prior to your birth, God spoke destiny over your life, this does not mean you will not make mistakes and regrets on your journey to your destiny. If we allow God to make His Words manifest in our lives we will reach our destiny unless we decide we want to make our own destiny without God. What He has spoken will come to pass and it over exceeds the regrets!

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