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Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbeliever; for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness – 2nd Corinthians 6:14?

Believers are made light in the Lord, but unbelievers are in darkness; and what comfortable communion can these have together? Christ and Belial are contrary ones to the other. Light and darkness are not in agreement nor can oil and water be mixed, how can one walk together unless they are in agreement?

Many couples were joined together as husband and wife prior to their acceptance of salvation. As time passes the wife receive salvation and the husband continues to live in darkness ruled by Satan. This does not give the wife permission to divorce her husband unless he’s physically or emotionally abusive.

When the wife truly receives salvation she is no longer under the rule of Satan but has become a child of God and this will bring division in some marriages. Some women are blessed to have husbands that are non-believers, but they don’t try to stop or hinder the wife’s spiritual growth. Then there are those who have husbands that are non-believers and they are persecuted by their spouses because of their faith in Christ.

This is why prior to getting married the couple should have spiritual counsel by a Spirit-filled pastor or marriage counselor to ensure the couples are equal yoke spiritually. A truly professing Christian according to Bible principles is not to marry a non-believer. If the couple is both in darkness they are equally yoked, but if either the wife or husband is a Christian and the other one is not they are to follow the instructions of the Bible.

What should one do when they receive salvation and their husband has not? Continue to live with your husband and allow God to draw Him. You can’t draw him to the Lord, according to the Bible, the One that draws is the Father to the Son. You can be a light to your spouse by living your life according to Bible principles. Your truthfulness in your home will be the light of the Father that will shine in their darkness, and they will see your light and will have a desire to come to the light.

What if you have been a Christians the majority of your marriage and your husband has not received salvation, continue to pray for them, continue to fast for them, don’t give up on them. Be a true light in your home, in conversation, in your behavior, and in your actions.

Sometimes because of your faith, it will cause you to be misunderstood by your spouse. You may encounter hurtful conversation, you may encounter your husband being in an adultery affair because Satan is using them to attack you. Don’t divorce them unless they want to continue to stay in an adulterous relationship. God will give you a strategy to fight Satan; remember you’re not fighting your husband, you’re fighting the satanic spirit that is influencing him.

Don’t try to win your husband by submitting yourself to living as a partial Christian, at church you play the role of a true Christian, but at home, you’re doing and saying the same thing as your spouse. God does not have part-time children, either you’re going to serve God or you’re going to live as a carnal Christian and it is as bad as a non-believer.

No matter what form Satan comes in, if you be faithful to God, He will be faithful to you. This does not mean you will not suffer hurt or embarrassment, God will use that to bring you closer to Him. He will strengthen you to live a godly life no matter what your spouse is saying and doing. You have to remember when you stand before God, you’re standing by yourself, your husband will not be accompanying you. Don’t allow your husband to influence you with hatred, offense, unforgiveness, resentment because of the way you have been treated.

Love your spouse, treat him with mercy and compassion these are the Fruit of the Spirit that will compel him to love you, respect you, or drive Him from you. If that door is closed, God will bless you with a husband that has been sent by Him and he will be joy in your life rather than a regret. If you’re willing to fight for your husband, God will fight for you. Don’t coward down, stand your ground, quote Scriptures to Satan and his co-host, if need be call others that you know are true Christians to enlist in the battle for your husband’s life.

Your husband is a soul, and you must remember Jesus died for his sins as well. Don’t call him Satan, or any other name that is controlled by the spirit of Satan, draw your husband to you with loving-kindness, this is what drew us to Jesus, the love of the Father drew us to Him.

When you’re in a spiritual battle, you don’t have to always pray out loud, you can pray inwardly, and God will hear the prayer, He’s not hearing impaired! Place your faith and your confidence in Jesus, this will cause you not to have anxiety, depression, suppression, and all the other emotional distress Satan will try to attack you with.

You are a woman of God, God and His angels fight for you, you’re not a victim, but you are the victor!

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