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Test Word On Keyboard

By faith, Enoch was translated that he should not see death; And was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God – Hebrews 11:5.

The Christian life is not a bed of roses; it’s not skipping down life with no problems or disappointments. The test comes into our lives to see where we are spiritually mature. Sadly, many professing Christians fail the test because they think all they should have is good days, no bad days or sorrows.

Attending school, the participant is given tests to see where they are academically, whether they have learned at their grade level, and whether they are ready to be promoted to a higher level. If the participants, can’t pass the test, they remain in the same grade even if it takes them years to pass the test.

Each Christian is given a test; the test is prepared for the level of maturity of the Christian. Just like in school, Christians will continue to take the test until they are mature to go to another level. The test will not be the same test, but similar. There are different realms in the Spirit, and as Christians, we should be growing. We should not be at the same level we were last year or when we first accepted salvation. If so, there’s a spiritual deformity.

Naturally, in order for a person to grow healthy, they must eat the right food and exercise. Spiritually speaking, our spirit needs to be fed on a regular basis. If we’re only placing in our spirit the things of the world, it will be our flesh that dominates and not our spirit.

When this is the case, the Christians can’t pass the spiritual test when it comes, and they will continue to be stagnated in their spirit. Stagnation can cause one to enter hell because they have become a carnal Christian. Carnal Christians are an enmity with God.

God does not allow tests to come into our lives to destroy us, trip us up, or make us sin. God knows each of us, but He wants us to know where we are and where we need to grow. Promotion from God is not just for us, but it’s to make us a blessing to someone else.

God will allow people to enter your life that will make you want to scream, but that person is there to make you grow in the peace of God; no matter what they are saying or what they are doing, you will continue to be in peace. Peace is one of the Fruit of the Spirit. As Christians, we should have some of the Fruit of the Spirit manifesting in our lives, if not all.

You may be having difficulties in your marriage. In marriages, you will have good days, and there will be days you will wonder to yourself, why did I marry this person? The adversary wants you to see the worst rather than the best in the person. Will you go silent, keep a distance, separate, divorce, or will you pray and trust God, for your marriage? God hates divorce, and He does want divorce unless it’s abusive, or detrimental towards your well-being.

Sometimes we have a need for a financial blessing; it’s not because God will not supply our needs. He allows want and need to come into our lives to see whether or not we will trust Him, will we depend on our yourselves, and not realize everything belongs to the Lord. He just allows us to have it for a time frame. Will you trust Him to supply the need, and wait on Him for instructions on how to increase your finance? Or will you try to resolve the problem yourself and make matters worse than they were?

The test comes to test if we’re still living according to our emotions or according to the Word of God. If someone passes you by and does not speak, will you get upset and think they’re just ignoring you, or will you think they need prayer?

You’re at the store; the cashier gave you too much change. Will you let them know you were giving too much change, or will you say it was a blessing? You’re walking behind someone, see them drop their wallet, will you give them what they lost? These tests are given to test your spiritual character. Do you always have to have the last word? Do you always have to be right and others are wrong? If so, you need to grow spiritually.

Sometimes we pray, asking God to give us a miracle. Well, in order for a miracle to occur, something must be happening in your life for the miracle to occur. Something happens, and we need a miracle, and we’re wondering why did this happen to us; we prayed for it! Now will you believe God for your miracle?

Tests come to build faith, character, trust, dependence, and humbleness, and help us to engage in prayer as we should as Christians. Welcome the test, and place your trust in God while you’re going through a test. As a child of God, allow your actions to reflect your Father, not your emotions.

When the test comes, it’s just another level of the Spirit the Father is allowing you to go to.

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