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Love and Happiness

Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder – Matthew 19:6

Marriage was ordained by God, and it’s sacred, when you mess with a marriage whether it’s through one spouse, both or someone outside of the marriage, you’re messing with the planned of God and will have to answer to God. Marriage is work and it takes two to make it work. A marriage can have love and not happiness. You can love your mate and they love you, but there is no happiness because there has been a breach in the marriage by busy schedules, taking care of the children as well as taking each other for granted and not working on the marriage to keep it strong. Happiness is when both parties work on satisfying each other’s needs. Society claims it should be fifty percent for each spouse to make the marriage work, but it should be a hundred percent for the husband as well as the wife. When a person gives their all to make their spouse happy, both will be happy and satisfied. One way of keeping happiness in marriage is through open communication. Every now and then ask you’re spouse if there’s anything you can do to make your relationship better, don’t be hurt when they begin to tell you what they would like to see in the marriage. Likewise, you should also tell your husband, what you would like for him to do to better your marriage, say it with respect and loving-kindness. If either spouse is being irritated by their spouse’s actions, it should be confronted, if not it will bring resentment, along with anger.

Our spouse is to be our best friend, and we should be able to talk to them about anything. Try to void arguments at every cost, one can disagree, but do it with gentleness and respect while you’re voicing your opinion why you’re disagreeing. The way we voice our opinion through disrespect will be loud and boisterous with body language that will cause them to be defensive because they’re defending their manhood. Always keep in mind, Satan doesn’t want marriage neither does he want unity. Satan will try to bring division, mistrust, selfishness, strife and contention. He will bring anything and anyone that will destroy your relationship. Just like a car needs a tune-up, every marriage needs a tune-up and you will find that out by asking your spouse, what can you do to better the relationship. This will let him know you’re concerned about the marriage as well as your relationship with each other, and also giving him the opportunity to express his feelings.

Pray for your spouse, speak life over him, don’t speak negative or think negative about them, thoughts will become actions. Pray and ask God to help you, how to encourage your spouse, how to minister to him, how to make your marriage have life. God knows your spouse better than you will ever know him because He’s the one that created Him. God ordained marriage for one partner for life, Satan comes to bring division and disunity. Women that pray, ask God to give you the insight that’s needed to keep a strong and healthy marriage. If we keep our relationship in good standards with God, He will teach us how to keep our relationship with our husband, and will remove anything and everything that needs to be destroyed and place what’s needed in the marriage to make it be what He designed marriage to be. Marriage should be honored and not tolerated!

Marriage can be just as much fun and happiness after twenty, thirty or forty years and even longer because when its true love and not lust, after different body parts is not working like it was when you were younger, the love is still there, the friendship is better, everything gets better with time. True love never dies, honor your marriage, and allow God to workout any kinks, He specializes, He can do what no other can do!

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