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Thou are snared with the words of thy mouth, thou art taken with the words of thy mouth – Proverbs 6:2.

Words are actions and they can be negative or positive. Many times we speak words over ourselves, marriages, and children not realizing we’re planting seeds to grow and manifest.

If we took note of the words we speak throughout the day or what we’re thinking about, the majority of the words or thoughts are negative. Thoughts will transform into words and words will be spoken and will bring about actions.

The word snare is a trap, lure, decoy, deceit, deception, cheat, or evasion. King Solomon indicated one is taken by the words they have spoken. So many times we speak what we feel in our emotions not realizing our emotions will lie to us. It can make us think things or see things that aren’t true.

Whether one is a believer or non-believer you have to place the negative with the positive. You can’t speak or think about negative things and think it will not affect you in some form. When a negative thought comes to mind, replace it with a positive thought. Spiritually speaking to those that are Christian, when a negative thought comes, speak God’s Word, God’s Word will destroy what the Adversary is trying to place in your thoughts and speech.

The Bible speaks about a woman that had an issue with blood for twelve years. She heard that Jesus was in town, as the crowd surrounded Jesus, the woman came behind Him and touched the hem of His garment. She said to herself “If I may but touch His garment, I shall be whole”. She said to herself which was thought, she spoke it, then she carried out what she thought. She received what she thought.

Now take for example if her thought would have been negative, she would have thought, I’ve been to many doctors, I have spent all of my money and they couldn’t heal me neither will this man called Jesus. She wouldn’t have tried to get next to Him to touch His garment and receive her healing.

Most people don’t think they are fighting an adversary they can’t see, but whether you believe or not, you’re fighting a spirit you can’t see. He fights in the mind with thoughts and emotions. If you think to yourself you can’t accomplish something, keep thinking it, and eventually, you will begin to say it, and you will never accomplish your dreams and goals.

If you continue to speak about the pain you’re in, you will continue to suffer pain. I’m not saying you’re not to face reality, but you speak positive, like God, I thank you for my healing. God, I thank you for giving me great memory. I’m coming out of debt, I’m purchasing a home. I’m purchasing a car. My marriage is great. When you speak positive, you receive positive, when you speak negative, you receive negative, and eventually, it will overtake you.

Thoughts are powerful as well as words, pay attention to what you’re thinking and what you’re saying.

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