Helping Women Build their Faith and Relationship with God

Fifteen Minutes of Prayer

And He spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought to always pray, and not to faint – Luke 18:1.

Prayer is essential to building a relationship with God. Sadly, we make time to do everything on our list, but many don’t include God in their to-do list. We should take time daily to talk to the One that woke us.

Prayer to a Christian is like water to fish; if we don’t pray, we will not grow in our relationship with God. It also makes us easy targets for Satan to influence us to do the opposite of God’s written Word. So many Christians are living below their inheritance as a child of God because they will not the time to pray for themselves or their family.

Prayer is not old-fashioned; it’s just as important as getting up to go to work; believe it or not, it’s the Father who blessed you to get that job. Some may say I got this job on my own; my education enabled me to get the job I have, the house I have, and the car I drive. No, it was God who enable you to comprehend and excel academically. God blessed you to purchase the home you’re living in. God blessed you to purchase the car you’re driving whether you believe it or not; it was God!

Everything the Father has blessed us with will one day be gone either by death or the return of Jesus for His church. Which everyone comes first; we must be prepared; our relationship with the Father will determine whether or not we will be heavenly citizens.

Prayer builds our relationship with the Father, strengthens our faith and makes us Satan resilient. Life issues and Satan will come whether we want them to or not. If you’re professing to be a Christian, your spiritual growth depends on your daily communication with the Father. Sadly, to say many confessing Christians aren’t sensitive to the voice of God or His Spirit.

Satan is the influencer of sin and targets those in faith; yes, he attacks the strong believer as he does with the weak. But he is well aware he can’t influence the strong as he can with the weak. Without prayer and dedication to God, the weak will lose every battle. Prayer is our connection with the Father, it is He that will accompany us in battle, but if He doesn’t know you, you’re left to fight for yourself.

If we want to build a relationship with anyone, it should be God. Everyone had an appointed time to be born, and guess what? Everyone has an appointed time to die; if you don’t make Heaven your goal, then Hell will be your home. Don’t be the one Jesus say depart from Me (And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from Me, ye that work iniquity – Matthew 7:23). Jesus came to reconcile us to the Father; without salvation, we will not have access to the Father.

Not everyone professing Jesus as their Savior is genuinely saved. Even the outward verbal acknowledgment of His lordship is not enough to save the non-believer apart from true repentance and faith. See, repentance means you’re sorry for what you have or have not done and will no longer do or not do what you were doing. A genuinely saved person is one that doeth the will of the Father; they are continually living in obedience to the will of God as the normal course of their life.

God loves you and has people to instruct you on a righteous living; heed what they are teaching, and get to know God for yourself. People can’t pray you into Heaven, but you can! Prayer transforms your behavior and character; it gives you a new mindset, the mind of Christ. Jesus prayed always, and He instructed His followers to do as He do.

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