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Male and female created He them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam [mankind], in the day when they were created – Genesis 5:2.

Adam was alone in the Garden of Eden when God saw that every creature He created had a mate except for Adam, so He created Adam a mate, which was Eve. The mate He created for Adam was compatible neither one was greater than the other.

To keep a balance, God created Adam and Eve equal; neither one would be superior to the other. God created marriage between a man and a woman; God has not changed, nor has His Word. According to God’s Word, marriage is honorable, and the bed is not defiled, meaning sexual gratification between a husband and a wife is a gift from God to enjoy one another.

Marriage is sacred and should not be tampered with; it’s making a covenant with God to have one woman or husband for a lifetime until one dies or if divorce is caused because one or the other committed adultery or forms of abuse.

As the marriage age, it does not mean you will not have disagreements; disagreements can be made without being offended or angry and staying angry. We must remember that although you’re married, you don’t have the same mind or character. We’re not always going to like what our spouse like, but that does not mean we should try to keep our spouse from liking or disliking what we don’t like. Too many times, spouses try to make their spouse be a clone.

Sometimes spouses need to give each other some alone time, this does not mean they are angry with one another, but each person needs time to themselves. There will be good days, and there will be days that you will struggle in your marriage; that does not mean you should give up on your marriage, but find ways to remove the struggle, define the struggle and work on the struggle.

Neither one should try to control the other, God does not control us, and we should not try to control someone else. Let your spouse be themselves, and never talk about your spouse to family and friends in areas he’s weak or should only be talked about with your spouse.

Love your spouse in the good and bad times; he’s a gift from God. God honors marriage, and He will bless your marriage and place in and take out to create it to be what He created marriage to be. The favor that God places upon your spouse will overflow to you (Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favor of the Lord – Proverbs 18:22.

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