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Counseling Prior to Marriage

Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety – Proverbs 11:14

Marriage is something most women desire whether young, middle-age or aged, because of this sometimes they don’t take the extra precaution prior to saying I do. Marriage is something God has ordained, it’s not to be taken lightly. Marriage is to be between one man and one woman until one or both of them die. Rushing into marriage without knowing the person’s background can cause unnecessary pain later on in the marriage. Marrying without first seeking counseling is not wise. The Bible states “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safe”. Godly marriage counselors will direct you in the way of the Bible and they will also see behaviors about your future spouse that you don’t see because love will blind the senses. The Bible gives instructions on what a husband should and should not be.

Many desire to be married, but have no idea what marriage should be like, what it takes to keep a marriage or how to fight against the attacks that come to destroy the marriage. Godly counseling would eliminate a lot of false ideas about marriage, it would also give both parties instructions on how to be a husband, and how to be a wife. Just because one is a man or a woman, doesn’t make them know how to be a good wife or husband. Keep in mind not only are you marrying your future spouse, but his family comes with the package.

Prior to marrying, you should try to find out if your future spouse or his relatives have a drug, alcohol or gambling addictions. Is there a mental disorder or retardation, physical or emotional disorders in the family. All this should be taken in consideration due to the fact your children will not only receive you and your spouse’s genes, but they will also receive characteristics and behaviors of his family, See if there are any strongholds in his family such as different diseases and poverty. You don’t want this to be carried on to the next generation.

Receive godly counseling prior to marriage, if not, you most likely will be seeking counseling after marriage. If you’re Christian, introduce your future spouse to your pastor. Remember he or she is your spiritual father or mother. Follow the instructions given by them, they can see much further than you can, if they are truly a man or woman of God.

Get to know your future husband and especially if you have small children. Be prayerful and watchful, you don’t want to bring anyone into your family that would cause harm to your children. Many have married only to find out months or years later the spouse molested their children; nowadays they’re molesting both female and male. You are the protector of your children, protect them no matter what the cost may be even if it means you being single. Before and after marriage invite God into your marriage. Submit your marriage to God and He will lead both of you through your marriage and other areas of your life. Pray and ask God if this the person He has for you.

Keep in mind, Satan will send you a counterfeit to keep you from receiving the blessings God has for you. You want the blessings of God upon your marriage. Always consult God in your marriage, don’t take matters into your own hand. God knows your spouse better than you will ever know him. God knows his likes and dislikes down to the smallest matter even if your spouse doesn’t tell you what they are.

Counseling prior to marriage is wise and should be from professionals and godly men or women who will pray for your marriage, direct you in God’s way of what a marriage should be. Attend the entire session, you will not regret it, and your upcoming marriage will be on the right track.

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