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Obstacles may appear to come from everywhere to hinder us, but when we purpose in our hearts to obey the will of God, we are unstoppable.

What an awesome feeling it is to complete a task or to see a goal through to the end or to give birth to a dream. According to the Word of God (Being confident of the very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ – Philippians 1:6).

You were called from your mother’s womb with destiny, God has spoken accomplishment over your life prior to your birth. God’s Word will never return to Him void. Just as God has spoken, Satan has heard what has been spoken, and his goal is to try to influence you; you can’t make it.

Just as God promised the land of milk and honey to the Israelites, they had to fight the giants in the land before they could receive their promise. You have giants of failure, weariness, I can’t do it, unbelief, you name it, Satan will influence you with it to try to stop the plan of God for your life. In the race towards a divine destiny, obstacles seem to appear at every turn. Those obstacles can be manifested in any number of ways, but their purpose is always the same. they are Satan’s devices to hinder us along the path to our destiny.

Obstacles are intended to distract you so that you will not achieve all God has planned for you. The dream on the inside of you is so big that the enemy would rather destroy you than allow you to succeed. This is why you will observe many women that have become drug addicts, or alcoholics, Satan uses this to destroy the dream and the plan that God has for them rather than looking down on them, we should be praying that God would breakthrough in their lives and destroy the chains that have them bound. Whether you believe it or not, someone has or is praying for your destiny to come into manifestation.

Today’s Christians don’t believe in Satan, but he is just as real as God, Satan is real as well as his purpose is to defeat you and anyone else that he can. This is why we don’t have time to be envying and being jealous of one another but should be praying and encouraging one another. As a woman of God, you have entered into a covenant relationship with God, and He has given you a covenant anointing to fulfill His purpose for your life. We must have a made-up mind and believe there is nothing the enemy can do to distract us from what we are here to do, the perfect will of God for our lives.

No matter how the adversary throws darts and obstacles, we must know and believe the Word of God, that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. God didn’t promise us we wouldn’t have anything or anyone coming against us, but He did promise that we’re more than conquers through His Son, Jesus Christ. Your race towards any goal requires maintaining a winning mindset.

Your ability to focus on the task at hand will determine your end results. Since you are aware that Satan’s plan is to distract you. You must prepare your mind and heart to win the race, regardless of what comes your way. Focus determines mastery. Whatever can keep your attention will master you. If you allow doubt and fear to enter your heart, you will not be able to see yourself win the race. If you can’t see it, you can’t receive it.

Once you have prepared your mind and heart to win, you must develop a routine of discipline to build your strength and endurance. In the spirit realm, this endurance is built by being obedient to God, especially through trials and tribulations. When things get tough, it is always easier to give in to temptation and quit. If you just hold on to obedience, your blessing is on the other side, waiting for you to exit your trial or tribulation with a reward. For every blessing there is testing and for every opportunity there is adversity.

Two common hurdles that can cause us to stumble in the pursuit of the promise are carnal-mindedness and low self-esteem. Carnal-mindedness is walking in the flesh, which means succumbing to the desires of the flesh rather than listening to and obeying God’s instructions and directions for your life. Carnal-mindedness is being ruled by your emotions, we should be ruled by God’s Word and not by our feelings. We must stop living by our feelings, but by what God says. The perception you have of yourself is sometimes more powerful than the reality of who you really are.

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