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For in many things, we offend all. If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man and able also to bridle the whole body – Jame 3:2.

Words are powerful; they can create, destroy, build, or tear down. When speaking to or talking about others, we should be careful with our words.

Words are so powerful that they can manifest in the lives of people years after they have been spoken. Many have left the church because of the words spoken to them. Marriages are in the process of divorce because of words spoken accompanied by actions.

Throughout the day, we’re hearing words, positive words and negative words. The words we hear will affect our attitude, thinking, and emotions. Words we hear can build our faith or make us lose faith. Words we hear can make us happy, or they can make us angry.

Words we hear can make us dislike or distrust people because of the words someone else has spoken about them. When we’re interacting with people, will our words encourage them? Will our words soothe their pain? Will our words give them hope, or will our words give them despair?

People are hurting; some are in need of a listening ear, not words. There are times we need to speak, and there are times we just need to listen. Listening when someone needs to talk out their problem is just as helpful as words spoken.

Words spoken in anger can’t be retrieved and will be remembered. We should take notice of the words we speak to others as well as to ourselves. We have spoken words like; I can’t, this will not work for me, I will never be able to do this or that; negative words spoken will come in manifestation.

Words can be a blessing or a curse; if our words don’t build and create positivity, then we’re speaking curses, words that will destroy, hinder and block the blessings God has for you. Notice what you’re listening to throughout the day; some words we can avoid, others we will have to listen to, but make sure they don’t influence you to do or say the wrong thing.

Self-examination should be performed on a daily bases to see if we have offended or hurt anyone with our words. Have we spoken words that will destroy the answer to our prayer? Did you know you can keep your prayers from being answered because of negative words you have spoken about the situation?

As Christians, are words should build, encourage, soothe, and be positive.

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