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I Am Coming Again

That ye would walk worthy of God, who hath called you unto His kingdom and glory – 1st Thessalonians 2:12.

Walk refers to the Christian life and conduct; the Apostle Paul admonished the Thessalonians at Thessalonica to live a lifestyle representing the God they worshipped and served.

Christianity has left the meaning it used to be as well as it should be. Christianity is Christ-like. In today’s society, when you ask people if they’re Christian, the majority of the time, the answer will be yes, but their actions do not align themselves with the Word of God.

For some reason, some think because they were baptized, they became Christians, or if their parents or grandparents are Christians, it made them Christians. Salvation is individual; everyone must go before God for themselves. Although we pray for our loved ones who are not saved, it will take them to go before God and asks for forgiveness and salvation.

Don’t stop praying for your loved ones; God hears the prayers and, in His timing, will change their heart to seek Him for forgiveness. We pray that God will give them the heart to receive His salvation, then we ask Him to place His assigned people to minister to them.

We also have to be living a life that will exemplify what true Christianity is. Many have been confused because of our lifestyle. We profess to be Christians, but our actions are as theirs; we listen and go to the same places they go. Our lifestyle is not different than theirs, so how can we minister to someone, and we’re doing what they are doing?

As Christians, our lifestyle should be different from the people of the world. Jesus died so that we could be free from sin rather than practice sin. Most professing Christians don’t want you telling them they must practice Christianity. A true Christian will tell you your lifestyle is not what the Bible’s definition of Christianity is because they don’t want you to attend church and still go to Hell.

If you profess to be a Christian, read the Bible and examine yourself to see if you’re really living a Christian life. Nature, earthquakes, fires, economics, and the death toll are some of the signs of Jesus’ return, and it tells Christians to get ready; Jesus may show up at any time or day. Whichever comes first, Jesus or death, we must be prepared for His coming and have our lifestyle in sync with His instructions according to the written Word of God.

The Father or the Son don’t pressure anyone to accept their salvation; they have a free choice to live according to their choice; the thing is that when we die, and we all have an appointed time to die, we will have to stand before Him for judgment.

Whatever you do, don’t compare your Christianity to someone else professing to be a Christian; examine yourself by the Bible. God loves you, and His desire is not for anyone to perish, but He will not accept sin in our lifestyle as professing Christians.

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