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Father, we come before you in the name of Jesus; first of all, we ask if there’s any sin we have committed against you; we’re sorry, and we’re asking for Your forgiveness. We thank You for allowing us to see another day.

We thank You for blessing us with shelter, food, and clothing, thank You for warm homes and running water. Thank You for our spouses, children, grandchildren, and great-grands! Thank you for cars as well as public transportation. Thank you for our places of employment.

Thank You for health and strength. Thank You for our church home and church family. Thank You for Your goodness and mercy towards us. Thank You for Your faithfulness, thank You for prayers that has been answered and prayers that will be answered.

We pray today for Your protection upon and around the children. We pray for Your protection in their homes and in the school. We pray that You would protect them as they travel from home to school and from school to home. Keep them safe, and remove all harm, seen, and unseen danger from them.

We pray that You will keep our family in oneness and unity. Help our love to grow daily for one another. Keep the family unit together. Keep marriages together with love and harmony, being faithful to one another.

Keep our neighborhoods safe and prosperous. Help us to be kind to our neighbors and have their best interests at heart. Look upon the homeless, have mercy, and open doors of housing and shelter for them. Draw our world leader’s hearts towards You. Give them hearts that will reverence You and Your Word. Give them hearts that would have the people’s best interest at heart.

Look upon our spiritual leaders; help them to live a life pleasing to You. Help them to minister Your Word effectfully. Help those who have fallen from Grace to return to You. Help the United States to be a country that loves and honors You. Keep these United States safe from all forms of wars and attacks; all these prayers we ask in Jesus’ Name, thank God, Amen!

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