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Group Of Multiethnic Teenagers Taking A Selfie At Park

This shall be written for the generation to come: and the people which shall be created shall praise the Lord -Psalm 102:18.

When we look at this generation, some may think it’s a failed generation, but the same God our forefathers served is the same God we serve, and He is the same God yesterday, today, and forever. All this generation needs is someone to take the time to draw them with lovingkindness.

In order to draw a generation, the first thing we must show them is that they are loved. We can’t draw them by giving them a bunch of Scriptures that the majority don’t know nor have heard. When they feel they’re loved, they will be willing to listen, learn and apply.

No matter what we may call them, “postmodern,” “emerging,” or “millennial monastics.” they need our help to assist them to grow into mature adults and leaders. They need relationships with all of us who are believers who have gone down the road they will begin to travel.

They need our friendship, our support, our input, our love, and our correction. When you look at this generation, you may assume they don’t want to be bothered with you or you have nothing they want to hear from you, but you would be surprised. All it takes is a desire to reach our young people and show yourself approachable.

You may feel that the time for you to be involved with young people has passed and that what you have to offer is no longer relevant. Or you may not feel relaxed in an intimate conversation with someone who is significantly different from you in age and appearance.

Don’t allow their dress or tattoos to deter you from wanting to mentor them; teenagers and young adults are in trouble mentally and emotionally. Pray and ask the Father to anoint you to mentor and minister to this generation. Also, ask Him to place teenagers and young adults in your life.

Concern, gentleness, and parental love will maneuver them from a crooked path to a straight path with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding both for the natural and spiritual. Give them gentle wisdom. What is gentle wisdom? One way it manifests itself is through humility. We can humble ourselves and listen to what they have to say.

If they complain or criticize, let them finish, don’t be defensive; let them give their heartfelt feelings. After listening before you speak, have a solution to assist them in thinking better thoughts and ways things can be done better.

Prayer is much needed to lose this generation from the bondage of Satan. Take a day to fast accompanied with prayer for this generation. Whatever you do, make sure you’re behavior and character are ones they will respect and will listen to.

This generation is not too far gone to lead them back to righteousness. There is nothing too hard for God, but we must bring them before God; we must have a desire to see this generation change and be willing to do whatever it takes to lead them on the right path.

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