Helping Women Build their Faith and Relationship with God

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Believe in the Lord our God, so shall ye be established; believe His prophets, shall ye prosper – 2nd Chronicles 20:20.

Life has a way of crashing down on us without warning. Whether we like it or not, sooner or later all of us end up in a war zone, where life ceases to be tidy and the pain goes off the charts. Women are not spared from this kind of active combat, which makes it all the more urgent for us to think through our theology so our views of God will sustain us when the battle begins to rage. Otherwise, we will sink into despair instead of standing firm and fighting with courage, determination, and confidence in God. When we accept salvation and allow God to sanctify us, we have joined the army of God, and now we’re soldiers of God (Thou, therefore, endure hardness [hardship] as a good soldier of Jesus Christ – 2nd Timothy 2:3). Whether we’re a believer or non-believer, we will be initiated into a battle, Christians have God fighting for them and with them, whereas non-believer is on their own, fighting a battle they can’t win. Thank God for His love for everyone for He helps those who think they’re doing it by themselves, He’s in the midst of their issues and devastation. God is a just God, and He’s for the believer as well as the non-believer, just because they deny Him, it doesn’t take from Him being the God of all people, because He is the Creator of living beings.

Satan influences us in our thoughts and mind. The battleground is our mind. He wants us to think we’re not good enough, we’re too little, too heavy, too light, too dark whatever he can plague our minds with to give us low self-esteem, he will use it. He even uses people to carry out his assignment by saying or doing something that will make us contradict our confidence in who we are and what we can accomplish. Many women are plagued with depression, some are medical and some are emotional, both can be healed by the Word of God and professional help.

When seeking professional help, we should seek a godly woman or man who can enable us naturally through their education, and spiritually by their connection with God. Sometimes we need assistance from others to help us to walk through life’s problems and issues. We don’t put our confidence in them, we place our confidence in God that He will use them as a tool. Keeping everything bottled up in our minds and emotions can cause a breakdown, this is why we need people we can confide in, it can be professional or someone who can talk you through or pray you through difficult times.

Looking at our life on the spiritual side, we’re soldiers, and sometimes soldiers get wounded in the battle, they get tired, they become weary and sometimes fearful and they need their comrades to come to their aid. Don’t allow Satan to influence you that you have no one to talk to, this is his trick to overwhelm you, and make you feel as though you’re isolated without any hope or help. Many women have lost the battle and came subject to depression, suicidal thoughts, drug, and alcohol addiction, some have become promiscuous to build their self-esteem when matters of the heart should have been confronted with a conversation with a friend, mentor, or professional.

Find someone you can confide in, someone who will walk with you through difficult times. Remember the Lord is with you, He will be with you when you can’t reach anyone, He’s the greatest friend you can ever have. You can confide things to Him that you can’t confide to others. 

You don’t have to battle alone, seek God, a friend, or a professional.  

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