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They are all plain to him that understandeth, and right to them that find knowledge – Proverbs 8:9.

Miscommunication can cause disunity in relationships, it can cause one to error if the instructions are miscommunicated. Proper and clear communication matters more than we often realize. Miscommunication caused six people on a fishing boat to die because the captain didn’t explain how dangerous it was to continue in the storm, not only did the crew die, but one marine lost his life trying to save the fishing crew.

Poore communications between spouses can cause a marriage to wind up in divorce court. The husband can love his wife like Christ loves the church, but if he never tells her he loves her, she may begin to feel as though he does not love her although he’s doing everything a husband is supposed to do. Neither spouse want to assume their spouse loves them, they want to hear it sometimes.

Not communicating to your spouse about a dinner date, you just assumed he doesn’t have anything planned, so you just go ahead and make the reservation or dine with others without asking him if he had something planned that day or night. This not only goes for a husband but for children as well, they are teens and living in your home, and you’re providing for them before you assume be courteous to ask them if they have plans before you make your plans for them. You’re communicating with them will teach them how to respect and communicate properly with others as they grow and mature.

Miscommunication between employers can cause confusion and sometimes people to lose their employment because they didn’t follow the instructions correctly. Or it can be more than one person working on the same project.

Christians have left ministries they were assigned to, but because of miscommunication, they left the ministry. This caused the person to miss their blessings because they left the place where they would have received their blessings.

When we’re communicating with others, we should make sure we’re speaking plainly so that they can understand what we are saying. We should always be considerate of others’ feelings. Never assume people understand what you have said. You can always reinforce what you said, by asking them a few questions about what you just communicated to them.

Express your appreciation when someone does something for you that they didn’t have to do. When running late, call them, and let the person know you’re running late. If you told someone you would call them and you didn’t the time of day or week you said you would; call and simply tell them you’re sorry you didn’t follow up on your call and ask for forgiveness.

Thinking before saying or doing can correct miscommunication.

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