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Teaching Concept

Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee – Exodus 20:12.

Children are a gift from God, and He has given parents the responsibility of teaching their children the principles of God. The majority of this generation does not know God, and it’s because their parents have not taught them to reverence God.

God’s Word is established in heaven; what He spoke millions of years ago applies today and forever. It does not matter if one is a believer or a non-believer. It’s the parent responsibility to teach their children to respect their parents if they want their children to live long and prosperous.

A child can’t comply with what they don’t know; good habits and principles should be taught as soon as children are at the age they can comprehend what is being said to them. Many parents negotiate with their children rather than discipline them.

Children are telling their parents what they will and will not do because they weren’t taught at an early age what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in the home. Sadly, many homes don’t reverence God nor His Word, and the parent is wondering why their children’s behavior is as it is.

Children are taught not to reverence God in school, and some of the behaviors they’re taught go against God’s principles. As parents, we should be concerned about what our children are being taught, and we should take the time and ask them about some of their activities at school. Some would be shocked to hear what is being taught.

Teaching does not just stop at the school; it also goes to children’s ministry at church. Many of today’s churches have people in positions they shouldn’t be in, beware of what your children are being taught. You can only beware if you ask your child what secular and spiritual schooling teaches.

As long as a child stays in the parent’s home, he or she should live according to that home’s principles. The parents have the right to check the child’s room to see what’s in them and call it to their attention if something shouldn’t be brought into the home.

Some children suffer from depression because of all the garbage that is allowed to enter their minds and spirit from what they’re watching over the internet and television. Suicide is rising because children are targeted by demonic spirits of what they are watching and playing with.

If the parent is unaware, how can they protect their children from unseen forces? Rebellion and disobedience are demonic spirits that influence children and must be dealt with. If the parent is not in tune with the Spirit of God, they will not discern what their child is being influenced with.

Whether one is a believer or nonbeliever, children need to be taught to respect their parents, and there should be no debating with your child. When you teach your children to respect you, they will respect you and others. When you teach your child to honor you, you are giving them the principles of God, and they will live long lives in prosperity when they adhere to your teaching.

Prosperity is not always money; it can be a life without sickness and disease. A life without struggling mentally or emotionally. A life well groomed with a good education. Protection from evil influences, living a long life, the life God intended for them.

Teach them what is right and what is wrong so they will be aware not to be influenced by what they hear when they encounter teachings that go against the principles you have taught them.

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