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Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled – Titus 1:15.

We all have felt the sting of rejection in one way or another. It’s something that will enter our hearts and spirit and will stay there until we seek after God for healing.

Rejection will stay with us for a lifetime unless we recognize we’re operating in the spirit of rejection and seek the Lord for deliverance. Rejection will hinder us from moving forward; rejection may have came by way when the person was in the mother’s womb.

The mother became pregnant before getting married and didn’t want the child. The baby is feeling the mother’s feelings; after birth, the child is living in rejection. Rejection may come in way of being looked-over for a promotion. The person will feel as though they aren’t up to part because they have been rejected for the promotion.

Sometimes, rejection can be felt in the church community. Sister’s laugh and befriend others in the church and dismiss you. Rejection can also come by the spouse; being rejected for another woman. Whatever way rejection come, know that it’s not you, because people have denied the instructions of God, they live and act out of what’s in them.

When you feel rejected, pray and see where it stems from. You can only take authority over something you’re familiar with or know what is the root problem. Rejection has to be dealt with from the root. Yes, rejection does come from people, but whether its from people or ourselves it’s still a spirit that needs to be uprooted.

Rejection can cause you to turn down promotions and befriend people. Don’t ask for the assistance you need because you feel you will be rejected. Rejection will make you silent, not being able to speak when you know the answer to the problem.

Rejection can’t be solved with a pill, drink, smoke, or partner. it’s a spirit that enters the heart and spirit. It has to be dealt with by the Spirit of God. As Christian women, seek godly counseling, talk to a minister or someone you can trust in your church to pray and fast with you to destroy the spirit of rejection.

Rejection will keep you from receiving love; it will always make you feel unloved, thinking someone can’t truly love you for who you are. It will also make you not accept the love of the Father, who loves you with an everlasting love.

Christians don’t want to talk about spirits, but they are real and they hinder our spiritual growth as well different areas of our lives. God loves you unconditionally, with your failures, downfalls, mistakes, and errors. Run to the One that loves you and can deliver you from the spirit of rejection.

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