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I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well Psalm 139:14.

Weber Dictionary gives the definition of beauty to be the quality of being, very pleasing as in form, color. Good looks, very attractive person. God’s definition for beauty is their behavior and character, and many are missing it to God’s definition.

Beauty is only skin deep, what’s in a person’s heart and character is what will define beauty. Years ago in certain denominations, women were not allowed to wear make-up, they said it was a sin. Many women at that time didn’t get married because many of them really needed to wear makeup to beautify themselves. They didn’t wear clothes that would be appealing to the eye of the opposite sex.

In today’s time, women are allowed to wear make-up and sometimes they use too much of it. Rather than enhancing their beauty, it takes from it. Makeup is to enhance not to make one look the opposite. As women, we try to keep up with the latest fashion, but some fashions are not for everyone such as some clothes does not look good on an older woman as it would with someone younger.

There is nothing wrong with wearing false eyelashes, but some go to the extreme and it does not appeal as they think it does. Women are a beautiful creation of God, they don’t have to go to the extreme. Clothing can also enhance one’s appearance, but when one dresses as though they are about to strip; some men do not see this is as appealing and they would rather have a woman dress modestly.

Men that are looking for wives do not want one that goes to the extreme, and one should not want themselves to look at though they are willing to do anything to get a man. As women, God created us to be appealing to the opposite sex. He created us to desire a spouse, and as Christian women, He created us to exemplify His character and behavior.

Dress to enhance and to appeal to the opposite sex, as well as make yourself look good to yourself. Don’t go to the extreme, and if you’re looking for a spouse, let him find you, not you finding him. Check out his qualities, and if it does not line up with your expectation, don’t accept him just to say you have a man. Most of all you want a man that will honor your body and respect it; sex without marriage is not following the principles of God.

Look good, dress well, and don’t take it to the extreme!

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