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Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in Me – John 14:1

Life brings issues and problems, Satan brings fear and doubt, but there is one thing we can have confidence in and that is God will never leave us or forsake us. The Word of God has never promised we would not have problems, hurt, or pain, but He did promise He would never leave us or forsake us.

Many are living in fear because of the pandemics, whatever comes upon the earth can’t come unless God allowed it, and since He has allowed it, He has a plan for it. God nor Jesus is in heaven wringing their hands wondering what they will do. There is nothing said, done, or thought that God does not know about it.

God is not the author of fear, Satan is the god of fear. We should not place our faith or confidence in what we see hear or feel. There is nothing going on in the world or in our lives that is bigger or larger than the God we serve. Rest in God’s Word, His Word is truth and it is a light to guide us through life to enter into eternal life.

There is nothing no more of the truth than God and His Word. God is Sovereign, He’s faithful, His love is unconditional, His thoughts toward you are good to bring you to an expected end when you place your faith and trust in Him. Once you trust Him, you will love Him, and once you love Him, you will seek to please Him.

Your life is in the hands of God, just as you had an appointed time to be birth, you also have an appointed time to die. Each day we live, we’re one day closer to our appointed time to die. If you have made Jesus your Savior and Lord; you have nothing to worry about. When life and Satan try to beat you down, know that Jesus is walking with you, He will sustain you, He will comfort you, and He will also deliver you when it’s your time to be delivered. Trust in God, trust in His Son, trust in His Word and live according to its instructions!

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