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Children are a special gift from God. Although they are gifts, God holds us responsible for their well-being naturally and spiritually. Society has declared that if you’re a single parent, your child will automatically have problems.

They haven’t looked into many homes with the father and the mother, but the mother is taking the entire responsibility of raising the child as though she was a single parent. The husband is either busy working or just relying on the wife to do all the discipline.

Parenting with two is better and easier than single parenting if the father is playing the role of a father. Single parents shouldn’t be stigmatized because they are single and raise children alone. Many single parent children have turned out better than those raised in a family where the mother and father are present.

Children act out what has been told to them, whether good or bad. Society will make your child feel as though they are a failure before they can get a head-start in life. It’s the responsibility of the parent(s) to teach the child standards, morals, and values. To do this, it will take discipline.

The first impression on a child is the parent, and if the parent doesn’t have discipline, neither will the child because they will do what they see their parents do. Most children are observant, see and watch their parents, and mimic what they see their parents and others do.

As parents, we must instill good habits in our children, such as good hygiene and cleaning up after themselves. Teach them to respect themselves and others. Treat people the way they would like people to treat them. Be mindful of how they interact with others and what they say.

Don’t wait until they become a teenager or a young adult to teach them the value of family. To have a close family, children have to be taught. Children must feel like they are loved and appreciated. Many of our children are being trained to think they aren’t going to be anything and that they’re stupid. Rather than telling them what they aren’t, tell them what they are.

We have to speak life into our children, not death. We say death to them and their goals when we tell them what they aren’t. Single mothers sometimes speak against their children because the father left them. The child didn’t have anything to do with the failure of the relationship between the mother and the father.

Our children are trying to find themselves because they don’t have anyone to tell them who they are. Society programs our children’s minds to operate against moral and spiritual principals. It’s the parent’s responsibility to guide them to the morals and spiritual principals. Many children, young men, and women join gangs because they are looking for love and someone to pay attention to them. We must train our children early on what is appropriate and what isn’t.

There was a time our children could watch different programs on television, and we didn’t have to worry about them being taught to rebel against their parents; now, on television, lying is what children do, profanity is ok, un-martial sex is alright as long as you wear a condom, affection towards the same gender is just expressing your inner-self.

As parents, we let society program our children. Too often, we ignore what our children watch on television. We don’t check out their friends or their parents. Sad to say, many children are raised in homes where neither of the parents is Christian. If we train our children in spiritual laws, we wouldn’t have to worry about visiting them in jail and prison because they disobeyed the natural laws.

Whether people believe in God or not, God’s law will never change. The Bible teaches if we don’t discipline our children, we don’t love them. When you love someone, you correct them; you don’t let them continue to do wrong without discipline. If you don’t, life has a hard way of teaching and no mercy or pity.

When we teach our children how to respect themselves and others, we don’t have to worry about them when they become teenagers and young adults because we would have already taught them morals and spiritual laws to abide by.

There many clothing fads, but when children’s clothing is dictating what their character will be; as parents, we need to address the problems with our children. Young men wearing their pants down below their behind isn’t an appropriate dress. Some of these young men will apply for a job with a scarf on their head, pants hanging down, and shoes untied, and they expect someone to hire them.

Some of our elementary girls dress like hookers, and we wonder why so many are pregnant. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are taught to respect themselves and others. If we don’t teach them at home, the world will and its teaching will be destructive. Never say your child is unruly; they are unruly because you have allowed them to be. Many of our teenagers and young adults wouldn’t be in the mess they’re in, if we would have disciplined them at an early age.

Our children depend on us as parents whether we are single parents or a home with two parents. Children have to be taught what is right and what is wrong. They have to be taught to think for themselves and not to let any one else think for them. They must be taught what they can be and not what someone will tell them they can’t be.

The mothers of older generations would sit and talk with their children and see what was on their minds. Mothers would love their children, but they would also discipline them. It used to be a time when all the mother or father would have to do was to look at the child when they were doing something wrong, and the child would check themselves. When children are taught from a child good habits, morals, and spiritual laws, they grow up to be strong adults, and that’s what makes a strong generation, community as well as a strong nation.

The Bible teaches morals and ethical and spiritual precepts, and when we get these principals in the hearts of our children, we are creating them for success. King Solomon was one of the wisest men who lived and wrote the Book of Proverbs. Take time and read the wisdom God imparted to Solomon, and if we as parents live according to these principals and impart them to our children, we will see a change in our children’s behavior and character. What has been imparted in us, we can impart to others, and this goes true with our children.

We should want our children to be well-educated, but education without wisdom, morals, ethics, or spiritual precepts is just as detrimental as someone without an education. If we want to see a change in the world, it must start with our children and us.

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