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Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice – Philippians 4:4

Many times people derive their joy from pleasant circumstances. When life seems to be going well, they are happy, but their joy evaporates when the situation becomes difficult.

Life will bring difficulties, disappointments, as well as sorry; with all this that is happening, you can still be happy and joyful when you don’t allow what you are going through to dedicate your feelings. Whatever comes into our lives, there is always an exit, and the Lord will see to you getting there if you place your trust in Him.

You’re not rejoicing over what you are going through, but you rejoice because you know God will provide. So rather than being fearful and fretful, be content knowing that God has you and He will see you through.

Society and commercials influence people to think if they’re not a certain size, a certain skin color, or have a certain amount of money in the bank, driving a certain car, or living in a certain neighborhood, they aren’t achieving or successful. This lie comes from the pits of hell, and it has made many work themselves to death. Trying to achieve what society thinks, their children lack discipline because neither parent is home to train them. Many are in divorce court because they can’t connect with their spouse or they and their spouse have grown apart.

People are trying to be like the “Jones” rather than being content with what God has blessed them. There is nothing wrong with having more, but it’s a distraction and ungratefulness if we’re trying to accomplish this to prove our worth to someone who does not know us or even care about what we have.

Striving to be like others can rob us of our joy because we’re too tired. When we’re tired, we can’t hear or feel God. It will cause us to be impatient and quickly angered. Being content with what you have will make room for God to bless you with more and have a piece of mind.

When we strive always to have more, something is wrong with our hearts and spirits; we have lost what really matters, and that is to be thankful for what we have. We have become like the world, in a rat race, ever achieving but not having a relationship with our family or God.

There is nothing wrong with having nice things and living comfortably, but don’t be driven to acquire more and lose those around you because you don’t have time for them to try to make an extra dollar. When we thirst so much for the world’s things, we lose our thirst for the things of God.

Sometimes, the adversary has us busy doing different tasks in the church; it’s good to work there, but don’t get so busy doing church work until you forget to spend time with your family. God should be first, your family second, and the church third.

God wants us to be balanced, not overdo it, and do what is required of us as Christians, spouses, and parents. The adversary always comes to steal, kill, and destroy whatever form he can do as long as the mission is accomplished. Be content and grateful for the blessings God has blessed you with.

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