Helping Women Build their Faith and Relationship with God


In whom all the building fitly [being joined together] together growth unto a holy temple in the Lord – Ephesians 2:21..

We invest our time in working so that we will be able to live comfortably. We invest time in going to school to receive degrees. We invest time in trying to lose weight or investing time to improve our looks.

To get the home or car we desire, we must invest our money in savings accounts and annuities and invest in things where we know our monies can grow. We can’t invest most of our money in purchasing clothes, shoes, and jewelry and think we can afford that home or car we desire.

Budgets must be made and followed if we want to get out of debt. We will never be able to purchase a home being in debt; if we get a car, we pay high interest rates because of bad credit and low credit scores.

All this can be eliminated if we invest wisely in managing our money. Setting properties: we can’t wish ourselves out of debt or pray ourselves out of debt, and as soon as we get money, we’re think about the next thing we can purchase.

We invest our time in making ourselves look good to others because we’re looking for an outcome that can bring praise, popularity, or a spouse. What we invest in will bring a profit, whether good or bad. If we want a change, we must change our habits; sometimes, bad habits are hard to break; but they can be broken.

Whatever we do, it takes willpower; whatever we set our heart and minds to do, eventually, we will get it done. Just as we invest to receive natural things, we also must invest in spiritual things. Any accomplishment you make, the amount of money you have, or degrees you’ve received will not be following behind a hearse.

There is a life after death; we must prepare ourselves like we know it’s coming. Every day we live to see another day is one more day closer to our appointed time to meet death. Preachers and teachers can make us happy and thrilled about the blessings of God but never tell us what will happen when we live the opposite of God’s instructions, will cause us to be in church and bypass heaven and enter hell.

If you want to grow spiritually, you must invest time in reading and studying God’s Word. You have to invest time in prayer and fasting. We purchase insurance policies to make sure we’re covered in the case of death. Prayer, fasting, reading, and studying God’s Word is our insurance policy to make sure we’re covered to enter heaven when we die.

It’s not wise to play spiritual roulette with your life. Apply what you hear when you attend church. Apply what you read in His Word; this investment is for eternity.

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