Helping Women Build their Faith and Relationship with God

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Hear instructions, and be wise, and refuse [do not disdain it] it not – Proverbs 8:33

Instruction is for guidance, preparation, direction, and safety. Mostly, anything we use has instructions. To make sure we operate our appliances correctly, we read the instructions. Using make-up, we read the instructions to see if there are any chemicals that would irritate our skin.

Instructions are for the user’s benefit; you can say its a safety net to avoid errors, damages, and sorrow. When first hired on a job you will receive instructions from your employer called an employees manual. You are obligated to read the instructions manual. Before signing on the dotted line in purchasing anything that is costly we read the instructions to make sure we’re not signing anything that will be a lifelong problem.

Throughout life there we be instructions to follow; whether its for better health, finances, education, emotional and mental stability. If the instructions aren’t followed we will not reap the benefits. Making intentional time to pray and read the Bible is a benefit only to those that will follow the instructions.

People are suffering mentally, emotionally, financially, relationally, and physically, but the only way one can have peace in these circumstances is to place their trust in God and His Word. Throughout your life you have had someone to tell you they were going to do something and they didn’t or you were told they wouldn’t and they did it.

God is One that will never change neither will His Word. If we can place our trust in people, our jobs, cars, finances that can change in seconds, why not place that same trust in God that will never leave you nor forsake you?

The reason why many don’t trust Him is because they don’t know Him, they have heard of Him, but don’t have a relationship with Him. The only way we can get to know God is through prayer, reading and studying His Word.

We wouldn’t lose our peace, if we knew the Person that gives us peace. We wouldn’t be worried about our jobs when know the God that opens doors that no man can close. When sickness or disease attack our bodies we know we have promise either He will heal us on this side or when we go into eternity.

Don’t get so tied up on worldly things until you lose focus on God. It’s easy to get caught up, this is what the Adversary wants you to do so he can feed you his toxics. When you’re dedicated to God and His Word nothing or no one that come against you will prosper.

Take time to spend time with God, the Bible is Him speaking to you, giving you what you need for everyday life and life eternal.

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