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When we look at today’s generation and compare it to an older generation, we can see the change that has occurred. Respect towards themselves and others has diminished. Entertainers and the media have more of an influence on teenagers and young adults than their parents. When we take the time to build relationships with our children whether they are children or young adults, we open the door for them to receive our teaching.

Because our children are bombarded with messages that are in conflict with our Christian faith, we must step up our efforts to ground them in the truth. There is great value in attending church and Bible attendance, but we can’t rely on those alone to make sure our children are being taught all they need. As Christians, our ultimate standard is God and His Word. We must be students of the Bible, allowing it to permeate every area of our lives. Then out of our own spiritual resources, we will have a platform to teach our children.

In addition to knowing God’s Word, we must be able to give our children credible evidence for believing. Unfortunately, many children have no idea what to do when life and people bring circumstances and situations in their life that bring disappointments, frustrations, difficulties. Whether people believe in prayer or not, prayer is the key to protecting our children from the world and its influences. Our children may be blessed to have both parents in the home, but only one of them has a connection with God, it may be a single-parent home if that parent has a relationship with God through their prayer and submission to God’s Word, He will lead, guide and direct them on how to communicate with their child or children.

I’m not saying all you do is pray and nothing else, parent them and then couple it with prayer. The reason why this generation has changed to disrespecting their parents, being self-centered, no respect for themselves or others is that parents aren’t taking the time with their children as the parents of old did to teach them moral and spiritual principles. Discipline should be taught for the natural as well as the spiritual and that’s what is missing in this generation. Children have changed because of our lack of parenting. Financial or educational status doesn’t make our children, we do. Our generation is in trouble and it’s not just in a certain nationality, but worldwide. Children should be taught to be leaders and not followers and especially where it will lead them to physical, mental, and emotional demise. If we love our children, it must be in actions, verbally, embracing them with hugs and kisses as well as discipline. Buying everything our children want is not showing them love, but it’s showing them how to be selfish, and self-centered.

Children look up to their parents for guidance and when we’re leading them in the wrong directions it will lead to disappointments later in life. Teaching our children the principles of the Bible will lead them to a successful life both naturally and spiritually. If we want our children to accept our faith and live by a different standard from the world, we must model that standard. When we teach our children, to be honest, we too must follow the instructions. If our children hear us lying they too will lie, if they see us committing actions that are not honest, such as not paying for something we knew we had in our grocery cart or at a clothing store they will learn from our example.

Another example, someone calls us and we may not feel like talking with them at the moment, rather than telling them to tell the person we will call them later, we instruct them to lie by telling the person we’re not at home. The small lies we instruct our children to do will later become bigger and greater lies in life. One of the most powerful tools of influence we have as parents is our example of being responsible for our actions rather than blaming or rationalizing.

We should talk with our children to examine how they think, how they process comprehension and instructions in order to prepare them for life and its issues. Although our children are ours they were given to us by God, and we should dedicate them back to Him by teaching them spiritual principles that will infiltrate them naturally. Pray with them daily, give them Scriptures to memorize, start off with Proverbs, it’s a book that teaches wisdom for both the natural and spiritual. What is instilled in them will manifest through them.

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