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But My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus -Philippians 4:19.

There is so much uncertainty in the world about what will happen next. Earthquakes, fires, floods, mass shootings. What used to be a safe haven is no longer; people are shooting people on the porches of their homes, schools, and churches.

Looking at all the disaster that is happening in the world will make one fearful. People place their faith in themselves, jobs, and politicians when none of these can keep them from calamity. People are being laid off from their jobs after years of service.

God forbid sickness and disease happen, and you can no longer work. The majority of politicians are making promises they will not keep. Many of the policemen aren’t saving and protecting as they should be.

Many attend church but don’t see a change in their lifestyle because they accept the message when it’s a bless me message, but when the message of corrections and instructions is given, people don’t want to hear it or follow it.

God’s desire for His people is to be blessed; He’s not sitting in heaven wanting you to suffer and be afraid, being in want and need. But we tie His hands when we don’t want to believe He’s God when we don’t want to follow His written instructions.

God will not push Himself on anyone who doesn’t want to believe in Him or accept His instructions. Those that have placed their trust in Him should have confidence that His promises are true and that He will take care of His people.

God is the God that works in the miraculous, He speaks, and things are created. He sends forth His angels to protect His people. When people say no, He says yes; when the doctors have given up, God has the last Word.

Lift up your head, and strengthen your faith; look at God, and place your faith in God, not in what you see, hear, or feel. God does not change neither does His Word. If we abide in Him, and His Word abides in us, we can ask what we need, and He will supply the need.

With everything that is going on in the world, God still sits on His throne, waiting on His people to return to Him whole heartily. Just as He provided and protected the children of Israel, He will do so also for His people that are submitted to Him and His Word.

Don’t fear and waver in your faith. Fight the good fight of faith, and you will see the Hand of God in your life and in your circumstance. God is preparing to do great things for His people, the submitted ones, the believing ones.

If you have a need, God can supply the need; allow Him to show Himself on your behalf!

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