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But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses – Mark 11:26.

Forgiveness is not for the person that has been wronged but for the person that is releasing the person that wronged them.

Forgiveness is easier said than done; we often say we forgive, but as soon as we think about the person or see the person unforgiveness will manifest through anger, sadness. Unforgiveness not only effect us emotionally, but it also effects our physical and mental well-being.

Some may say, well, I’m not a Christian, so that does not apply to me. Christian or a nonbeliever, God’s Word have dominion over what we think. Prayers are hindered and not answered because of holding on to unforgiveness.

Unforgiveness affects our mental and emotional state. Unforgiveness can also cause different sickness and illness in our health. Unforgiveness can also cause us to take our emotions out on others who have not wronged us.

If we are easily angered, feelings are easily hurt, agitated, defensive, unforgiveness lurks. Forgiveness does not take away of what has been done to you, but it causes you to be released from bondage. Unforgiveness is like a python, it will squeeze until it squeezes life out of you.

Holding on to unforgiveness will also create a root of bitterness, which will also cause other emotional disturbances. There are women holding on to things that were sad and done to them twenty or thirty years ago. They are stuck in a time zone and feel as though they have the right to continue to hold on to unforgiveness although its not helping them to move forward.

Unforgiveness is an emotion that will destroy you; it destroys a relationship between husband and wife, siblings, friends. When we release people of what they have said or done to us it brings about liberty to us. It restores the relationship between us and the Father. It makes our prayers be answered, it also keep us from intervening with God’s plan for the individual.

Don’t think the person got away with it; that’s if we don’t try to take vengeance upon ourselves. God can do far more than what we can ever do. Release yourself, submit to God’s Word, it’s better to obey God than to obey yourself.

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