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Come unto Me, all that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me: for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls – Matthew 11:28-29.

We’re composed of spirit, soul, and body. We’re tripartite beings. Our soul is the mind, will, and emotions. The soul is where Satan attacks to keep us feeling alone, depressed, hurt, or angry.

There is a peace that Jesus will give us that medication can’t fix, psychiatrists can’t counsel, a drink can’t get rid of, and smoking will not remove. All these are man-made, and they can’t do what Jesus can; He created man and man-made devices that will sometime help us, and sometimes they can be harmful.

This peace that Jesus gives can’t be purchased; it can’t be earned; it’s a gift that He gives everyone that will trust Him. Sometimes we try to find peace through everything and everybody, but that can’t bring us the peace we so desire.

Sometimes we can’t get peace in our mind because we have stuff in our hearts that needs to be released. We need to do a self-examination, something you can do and don’t have to pay for it. When we examine ourselves and be truthful, the majority of the time, we will find out what keeps bringing us to loneliness and depression.

Satan influences us to think that we’re alone, no one cares about us, and no one is concerned about what we’re going through. Satan is a liar; he doesn’t want you to know how much Jesus loves you, and He’s telling you to come to Him and tell Him what’s on your mind and your heart.

To receive the peace you’re looking for, you must be truthful with Him and talk to Him about what you’re feeling; as you confide in Him, you’re placing your trust in Him. Jesus is the only One that can go into your innermost being and bring deliverance and peace.

Talk to Him like you’re talking to a friend; whether you know it or not, Jesus will be your friend, and He will listen with compassion. He will not be judgemental; He will not point the finger. He will counsel you with Godly counseling and give you the peace and the deliverance you need.

Many think there is nothing wrong with them, but if you’re feeling alone, despairing, or depressed, something is going on in the heart that only Jesus can heal and deliver. You need the ear of Jesus to listen to you. You need His hand to touch you in the areas that need to be healed.

Don’t spend another day depriving yourself of the peace Jesus gives. He says come unto Me, and I will listen; I will give you peace that surpasses all human understanding. I will give you joy that no one can take from you. I will let you feel what true love is, and it’s unconditional!

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