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Erasing Worry

Casting all your cares upon Him; for He careth for you – 1st Peter.

Whatever concerns us concerns God, and He promises He will perfect those things that concern us, meaning He will take care of them. All we have to do is give Him our cares and our burdens.

Many Christians are plagued with the hopeless job of handling their cares, which will eventually affect them mentally, physically, and spiritually. Those who try to take care of their cares will blame God because it didn’t work out how they desired.

Cares are anxious thoughts or worries; as Christians, we have been instructed not to worry. When you worry or are anxious, you’re not believing God will provide or care for what needs to be taken care of. You may be having challenges in your marriage, or children aren’t acting out the life you have taught them.

These are things we can’t control, but we can go to God in prayer about them. God wants your marriage to be healthy and enjoyable. He wants your children to succeed in life; He wants you to be healthy and live with happiness and joy.

Because life and Satan bring challenges, we miss out on what God has for us because we try to handle the cares and the problems ourselves rather than taking them to God in prayer and fasting. The problems may not be resolved immediately, but your prayers and fasting will enable you not to lose faith while waiting for your change to come.

In every situation or circumstance, God will give us the instructions we need when we first seek Him and not seek after the situation and circumstance causing us to get frustrated and tense and make us sick emotionally and mentally.

Things we’re incapable of handling even after we fast and pray should be given to the hands of God to handle. We were not created to handle cares (Be careful [anxious] for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known unto God – Philippians 4:6). It’s not like God does not know what we need. He wants us to tell Him our wants and needs.

The Word of God instructs us clearly to cast our cares upon Him and not our responsibilities, but many professing Christians cast their responsibilities and keep their cares. We’re responsible for reading and studying the Word of God to know the promises of God and the instructions of God.

Whatever you have need of, God’s Word promise He would supply the need. Sometimes we think we have needs and it’s want. There is a difference between a want and a need. He did not promise He would give us our wants.

That care you’re anxious about could be want. If it’s a want, is this the will of God, or is it God’s timing? This is when trust becomes applicable to the situation. If we trust God, we will be in peace until He gives us what we want or tell us He’s not.

Don’t fret, be anxious, take it to God in prayer, and leave it there!

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