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Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath – Ephesian 4:26

Excessive anger is an emotional and destructive behavior people act on feelings that they don’t even know they have. Anger is one of our emotional characteristics as humans, but when it comes to excessive, it can be harmful to one’s self and others. Sometimes anger is the most difficult emotion for one to recognize. Because we’ve been taught from early childhood not to express anger, many have hidden their feelings for so long; an event has to happen to trigger their emotions, and the anger will be so intense that it forces one to behave in ways that are contrary to their nature. If anger overwhelms us, the path to change begins with simply recognizing the truth; anger is a common and normal emotion. Changing attitudes and developing new behaviors involve hard work and effort.

Entrenched and deeply hidden attitudes must be brought to light; knowing and understanding them can bring about new ways of responding to others by practice. We must come to a point where we have the freedom to feel and use our emotions instead of being used by them. In order to find out what makes us angry, we must look inwardly at ourselves to see what makes us angry. Is it the situation at hand, or is it something that happened days, months, and even years ago, and we’re still holding on to it?

The ability to recognize anger is initially learned by children who watched how angry adults act. The observed behavior becomes a cue for future adult recognition of anger. People who were abused by parents or other adults usually go in the opposite direction; rather than being angry, they become extremely nice, which can also cause harm to oneself. Anger is transferable, meaning people react to anger in others. Anger is also manifested in people who are currently in situations that are causing them pain; this is why we should always try our best to show kindness and compassion to others because you never know what that person may be going through.

A person that is always angry, whether it’s through their imagination someone is wronging them, or if it’s a reality, as women, we should be sensitive to another woman’s emotions. Prayer is the beginning of helping oneself as well as others. When we’re sensitive to the voice and the Spirit of God, He will give us discernment of those who are angered and why they are angry. He will teach us how to pray for them and confront them to assist them in being free from anger.

Confrontation with those who have wronged us is a way to free oneself from anger, but sometimes this isn’t possible, so what do we do then? We should be truthful to ourselves, forgive the person, and release the anger by not entertaining it. Forgiveness doesn’t mean one is denying what was said or the action, but it’s not allowing the situation to continue to control your life.

People who are always angry may have a physical health risk of increased heart rate, blood pressure, other sicknesses, and diseases because of the immune system not operating properly. Anger can cause more damage than good; anger can be used effectively by setting boundaries or escaping from dangerous situations; other than these components, anger should be confronted in oneself, and seek ways to relieve anger to live a better and happier life.

When looking at the spiritual side of anger, it’s a spirit that manifests bitterness, resentment, hatred, unforgiveness, depression, and retaliation. More than one spirit of a certain type may be found within a given group. The church is where people should be able to come and receive deliverance; the power of God should be in the church body to set the captive free.

The gifts of the Spirit have to be operated to deliver one that’s bound by spirits. Spirits can’t be seen with the naked eye; this is why most professionals see them as emotional disorders. The gift of discernment will reveal rather or not it’s an emotional disorder or a spirit.

Whether it’s a spirit or emotional disorder, anger has to be confronted and behavior changed to have a healthy life physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

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