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And He said the things which are impossible with men are possible with God – Luke 18:27.

Satan is influencing some that they are in an impossible situation without hope. Hopelessness has caused depression, fear, anxiety, and some have even taken their lives.

If you’re a Christian, you have experienced God making way when you saw there was no way out. You have experienced His peace when everything around you was in chaos. You have experienced His healing when you received a bad report from the doctor. That same God is still with you and has not changed.

Abraham and Sarah were seniors, but God had made them a promise that they would have a child. Abraham was a hundred years old, and Sarah was in her nineties. The first miracle was giving them strength to come together in union to produce a child. The second miracle was at their age, neither one of them had what it took to produce a child. God made what was dead come to life.

Isaac was married to Rebekah, but she was barren, barren meaning she could not have children. But her husband, who was a man of God, prayed for her, and God answered his prayer (And Isaac entreated [pleaded with] the Lord for his wife because she was barren, and the Lord was entreated of him, and Rebekah his wife conceived – Genesis 25:21).

Hannah was another woman who was barren, but she got desperate, went into the temple, and began to tell God about her problem. She prayed for a male child and promised if God would bless her with a son, she would dedicate him to the Lord. The Lord answered her prayer and blessed her with Samuel. Samuel was a prophet and the last judge of Israel.

Whatever seems impossible with you is possible with God. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. You’re serving God, who spoke, and everything that is on the earth was created. He spoke to nothing and made something.

If you’re experiencing an impossible, that’s God’s opportunity to make it possible. Sometimes, we are placed in situations to see if we believe God will bring us out. There is nothing too hard for God. He can save your family and everything else that needs saving.

He can bring that wayward son or daughter home. He can mend and repair broken marriages. He can remove and destroy the struggle in your finances. He can give you peace in your mind and heart. He can heal whatever disease that has attacked your body. He can open doors no man can close.

God has not forgotten you, neither has He forsaken you. Believe, feed your faith with the Word of God. Look at the promises He has made; His Word will not return to Him void. What He has promised that will He do. You’re in a contract with God; He’s your Father, and He will do for you what needs to be done.

Something only God can fix; ask Him to get into your impossible, and believe He will make it possible; you will receive what you believe!

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