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And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have aught (anything) against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses – Mark 11:25.

We must forgive if we want forgiveness; yes, it may be harder to do than said, but if we want our prayers answered, have peace of mind as well as receive an answer to our prayers, we must forgive.

Forgiveness is important in our relationship with the Lord and receiving our prayers answered. He has not given us instructions to do something that He has not empowered us to do. Unforgiveness has caused many to suffer from emotional and mental distress.

When we forgive others, it releases us; it will cause our prayers to be answered. It causes us to have a relationship with the Lord. Forgiving others will give us peace in our hearts and spirit and cause us to be in the right standing with the Lord.

The thing with unforgiveness not only does it harm us but it causes one to lash out at others who have not wronged us. How often have you snapped at someone or have someone snap at you over things that were manner; the underlying problem is unforgiveness? Unforgiveness will also bring about sadness and hurt. Many suffer from oppression, depression, anger, and low self-esteem; all this stems from unforgiveness. Holding on to unforgiveness is detrimental to one’s well-being.

When we hurt someone, we apologize and ask for forgiveness, the same way we want others to forgive us; we must do the same to others no matter what they have said or done. You’re releasing them to allow the Father to deal with them, and you’re releasing yourself to be free in your mind, heart, and spirit.

When someone has wronged you, don’t try to avenge yourself or tell yourself you have the right to hold on to unforgiveness. No one has the right to hold on to unforgiveness; the Father forgives us on a daily basis when we ask for forgiveness, and being His children, we should do the same for others.

Some people know they have wronged you, but they will not ask for forgiveness; this does not mean because they don’t ask for forgiveness, you should hold on to it. The best thing you can do for a person when they have wronged you is to pray for them and pray for them honestly.

When you do this, you are doing it according to the instructions the Lord has given us as Christians (But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you – Matthew 5:44). When you can do this, you are growing spiritually. This is what the Lord desires for everyone who is professing to be a Christian to grow spiritually.

Sometimes, we go through difficulties with people to learn how to follow the instructions given to us as Christians. As Christians, we can’t pick and choose which Scriptures we want to adhere to; we can’t do that with our employer; why think we can do it with the Father’s instructions?

When you find yourself having a hard time forgiving someone, tell the Father; and ask Him to help you to forgive. All He wants us to do is to be honest with Him; He will not help us if we think we can do it ourselves. We all need help in that area, and He will assist us when we become honest.

Set yourself free from unforgiveness; don’t allow someone else to block your relationship with the Father and hinder your prayers from being answered because you’re allowing them to hold you hostage with unforgiveness. If you have trouble forgiving yourself, ask the Father to help you to forgive yourself; when you ask forgiveness, He forgives you, now its time for you to forgive yourself.

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