Helping Women Build their Faith and Relationship with God


There is an occasion for everything and time for every activity under heaven – Ecclesiastes 3:1.

Time is precious and time wasted can’t be retrieved. Everyone has been given an appointed time to live and appointed time to die, what we do in between life and death have been given to each of us to use wisely. No one wants to live and get old and go down memory lane and wish they would have followed their dreams.

First of all, it’s always good to make long-term goals, for instance, living a single-life and enjoying it. Marriage and children will cause you to spend your time on your family. Nothing is wrong with marriage and having a family, but you should want to enjoy life before placing your life on hold. The Apostle Paul admonished women if they could to wait to marry that didn’t mean having a friend-with the benefits of marriage.

Focus on your education, career, being an entrepreneur, traveling to different countries and meeting different people and culture. Life brings good times as well as bad times, and we also can bring trouble and difficulities in our lives if were not mature in our thinking or allowing our emotions to dictate. I’m not saying you can’t accomplish your goals with marriage and a family, but it would make it much easier when all you have to focus on is you and goals you want to accomplish.

There are many older women who wish they would have followed their dreams, don’t be one of them. Focus on what you want in life and make it happened! There is nothing you can’t accomplish if you place your heart and mind into it. Never allow people to influence you of what you can or cannot do. The life God has given you is for you to choose what you want out of it.

Mother’s should be talking with their children, teenagers finding where is their mind-set. Teaching them they can be whatever they decide they want to be. Encouraging them to be different than what society has labeled them. The most important topic you can talk with your child other than being a success, is to introduce them to the Father. If he or she has been taught to reverence and to love God and adhere to His teachings, not only will they have you backing them, but they will have the Creator of the Universe backing them.

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