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erAnd He spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint – Luke 18:1

Prayer is essential to keep our connection to the Father. Women have so many roles to play, and Satan will tell you “that it’s just another thing you have to do, bypass prayer since you have so much to do.”

Satan is the father of lies and consistently tries to keep you from your connection with the Father. Prayer is what keeps one connected to the Father. Pray enables one to be sensitive to the voice of the Father, sensitive to His leading, and this is why Satan wants to stop your prayer time.

Some of the lies Satan will tell you is that God does not love you, and you must pray a long time for God to hear and answer your prayer. He will make you think you have to pray for hours before you have really prayed.

A five-minute prayer is just as effective as an hour’s prayer when it’s prayed from the heart. One thing about prayer is that you can pray throughout the day for a minute of prayer. The enemy is the one who tells us we need to pray for hours, and then he makes us feel guilty when we don’t.

God uses each of us in a different way; one may pray for five minutes, someone else for thirty minutes, and another for hours, but each of these prayers are precious and acceptable to God when prayed from the heart.

Satan further complicates our prayer by making us think we must be in a certain posture or place to pray. We can pray anytime, anywhere. We can pray sitting or standing, praying on our way to the store, or on our way to a hair and nail appointment. Pray while we’re driving or walking.

Whenever a thought comes to mind, for example, Lord bless the crossing guard or bless my neighbors. Lord, help me to do this. Jesus, help that lady. The prayer does not have to be long but sincere and in faith.

Five minutes is all it takes to be a blessing to someone else. Make a conscious decision to pray; prayer is essential for our lives and the lives of others. God will bring things and people to pray about as you continue praying.

Your five-minute prayer will lead you to want to pray more, and you will schedule a time where you can spend more time with the Father. Prayer connects us to the Father, strengthens our faith, and it will strengthen our love for the Father to live a life that will be pleasing to Him.

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