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Desire and Appearance

I will praise thee: for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well – Psalm 139:14.

When a woman feels good on the inside, it’s manifested on the outside. When a woman feels her appearance is not appealing it causes a negative effect on her self-esteem. Whether one is married or not, young or old; our appearance has an effect on how we react to ourselves and others. When a woman doesn’t feel good about herself, it shows in her behavior, and its manifested through anger, shyness, and keeping to one self. Being beautiful is not wearing a size two or five. Beauty is expressed in our behavior and character. How we communicate to others through kindness and compassion, this is a real beauty and it draws others to you. Sometimes as married women with children we fail to keep up our appearance because of our busy schedules, but it’s beneficial to women as well as their husbands to keep up their appearance. If you feel good, you’re going to act the way you feel and this will keep the eyes of your husband looking at you, and not another woman. Your husband married you because he loved you and he found someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Down through the years we age, gain weight, may have lost some hair for one reason or another, but always keep in mind you are the same person you were when you first married your husband.

Just because you’ve aged or gained weight doesn’t mean you have to stop improving your looks to be attractive to yourself as well as your husband. Whether married or single no matter what age group you’re in, we shouldn’t neglect our appearance. Sometimes as women when we have been married for ten years or more, we stop trying to keep ourselves attractive as we did when we were dating. A husband still expects his wife to look attractive no matter what age group she’s in. A man’s desires come from what he sees, when a woman looks appealing to her husband, she keeps his attention from those that will try to get his attention. A woman can keep her marriage intact by how she responds and appeals to her husband. A godly woman knows to pray for her marriage, and ask for instructions from the Father to improve her marriage and minister to her husband. God knows him better and because He’s acknowledged in our marriage, He will instruct how to be a godly woman, but also a seductive wife.

Marriage was ordained and sacred to God, it’s an example of His Son’s love for His bride, the church. It shouldn’t be abused or misused or neglected, one spouse for a lifetime. Marriage should be honored between both parties, and when it’s honored, it will be a marriage than can’t be dissolved. Appearance is not just for the husband, but it’s just as beneficial to the wife as it is to the husband for a wife to feel good about her appearance. Don’t allow negative thoughts to come to your mind about your appearance, but always think positively about yourself. What you feel about yourself will also make others feel about you. Beauty is not age or size, it’s what we make ourselves look like to ourselves and others, as well as beauty that comes from the heart!

Too many times women reveal to much to try to get the intention of their spouse as well as others. Men like to look, but when it comes to who they will marry, it will not be the one showing everything they can without being naked. Beauty is in character and behavior, not what we show, it not about being a certain skin tone or dress size. Women are beautiful whether they are in their twenties or seventies, when you look in the mirror, look at the beauty that God has created; you’re fearful and wonderful made!

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