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So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate (Matthew 19:6). In order to get a spouse you must first date to get know the person you’re planning to marry. If you’re a Christian you should always have someone accompany you on your date, if you know you’re not stronger enough to back away from any actions you will have to repent for later. As a Christian you’re taking precautions to make sure you don’t allow your desires to dominate your spirit, soul, mind and body. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. God’s idea for sexual gratification is for married couples. Sometimes being in a closed, dark and romantic environment will cause you to let your guards down. So in order to be safe, you should date with other couples or have someone accompany you on your date. If you decide you want to date alone, have your date take you to a place with good lighting and plenty of people around. When your date brings you home, don’t offer him in for a cup of coffee or a soda. Don’t open doors you may not be strong enough to close, honor your body at all times. Kissing and fondling will lead to sexual gratification, and don’t think you can handle the kissing and fondling without giving up your most prized possession.

You want to know what type of man your dating prior to the date. Let your date suggest the restaurant, if his suggestions are McDonald’s, White Castles or other restaurants similar to these, you want to think again about this person. Watch and listen to your date’s body language, it will tell you a lot about the person. Don’t be so engrossed by their facial or body features until you get into the mind, heart, and spirit of the person. Other things to look for in your date. Check the eyes of your date while you’re out in public. If his eyes are always roaming, there will be trouble later on in the relationship and marriage. If a man can’t respect you while he’s in your presence around other women, you don’t need him for a date or a spouse.

Can your date interact with other people or does he want to keep you to himself and away from other people? Is your date a person with a wishbone or a backbone? Will he take the initiative of being responsible for the things that need to be taken care of or will he always rely on you to do it for him? If so, he’s a bad choice for a date and marriage, men should be leaders. On a spiritual note, does your date ever talk about God, and if so, is it in a positive or negative tone? If you’re a Christian you want to hear him talk about God as well as being capable of expounding on Scripture Biblically and he should be able to invite you to the church he attends.

If you were in a bad relationship or marriage, don’t take your baggage into your next relationship. Also, check to see if your date was in a bad relationship or marriage because if they were both of you need to wait until God has healed your heart and emotions before seeking to date or to marry; old baggage will surface after awhile if it has not been taken care. 

Many marriages have been destroyed because the wife or husband didn’t get rid of the baggage they were carrying, they didn’t wait until they were healed. Baggage will not only cause you to destroy a good relationship, but it will also stop you from spiritual growth because you’re holding on to what someone said or did or didn’t do rather than releasing it and receiving healing.

You can’t feel or hear God when your emotions are going everywhere. Quietness must be in the mind, heart and spirit to hear from God. Prior to saying yes to a proposal, you want to make sure, is this the mate God has for you. You should desire God’s desire and when you do, He will always give you the mate that will be for a lifetime with joy and happiness!

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