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Be not ye afraid of them: remember the Lord, which is great and terrible, and fight for your brethren, your sons, and your daughters, your wives, and your houses – Nehemiah 4:14a.

Building a spiritual wall takes commitment and dedication. Just as Nehemiah was summoned to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. God has summoned you to build a spiritual wall of protection around your family.

The work that God has called each of us to is extremely special and important. No one but you can finish the task that God has set before you. God attends for you to accomplish what He has sent you to do. The task may seem impossible or difficult, but He will never give you a commission and not qualify you to do the task as well as complete it.

Nehemiah was almost at the completion of his task; only the gates remained to be completed when the enemy came with his attack. When the enemy sees that you are about to finish a task or bring something to its highest potential, he will double his efforts to remove you from the work you’re to complete.

The enemy tried to influence Nehemiah to step down from work and meet with those who opposed him. Rather than listening or being influenced by the enemy, Nehemiah’s reply was, ” I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down: why should the work cease, whilst I leave it, and come down to you?”

Just as the adversary tried to influence Nehemiah to stop his work, he’s still influencing people with distractions to delay the progress or keep them from accomplishing the work the Lord has given them or things they are trying to accomplish for themselves or their families.

Distraction may come in a variety of ways. To be distracted means to divert one’s attention to a different object. You may be the one God has called to be the watchman of your household. The adversary will keep you busy so that you will not be spiritually watchful of your household because you don’t spend enough time with God in prayer, reading His Word, or listening to ministry programs that will build your faith.

Rather than looking and listening to a program that will build your faith and open your understanding more to the Scriptures, you will spend more time looking at your favorite programs that are not faith-based, and neither are they assisting you in spiritual growth.

Because you don’t spend enough time with God, He can’t show you the enemy that is trying to sneak into your home, trying to pervert your children, or being bullied. Sending influences to place your marriage on shaky ground. Trying to bring you into depression or hopelessness.

In order to get God’s protection from the enemy, we must be in God’s secret place so that He can hide us and those we love under the shadow of His wings. When we’re in a secret place, God will show us the tricks and schemes of the enemy as well as empower us to fight against the enemy.

You may want to start a business, but the adversary will tell you everything except that you can. He will keep you distracted doing other things rather than working on what to do to start a business. Distraction will keep you from completing the goals you have set.

To keep the adversary at bay, you must build a spiritual wall that he can’t penetrate or influence with distractions. This wall is built by a commitment to pray, fast, read, study the Word of God, and apply what you read to your daily life.

The enemy can be defeated when your commitment is to God. God keeps an eye on those who love Him and are committed to Him. Build a spiritual wall of protection around your possessions and your loved ones.

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