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And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help (helper comparable to him) meet for him – Genesis 2:18.

God did not want Adam to be lonely, so He fashioned a helper comparable to him. This phrase indicates that this helper (or partner) would be truly fitting and fully adequate, just right. Some have thought that the word “helper” is demeaning, but it simply means “one who helps”, and in fact is used to describe God when He comes to our aid. It does not refer to someone who is secondary or inferior.

Why is it some marriages fail, while others seem to be matches made in heaven? Are successful marriages a result of time and chance, or are there principles at work that, if applied, result in successful marriages? And when not applied, result in broken homes and unhappy lives. Why aren’t couples happily married? A happy marriage can be one of the greatest joys in life. The reason why some people marry is because of physical attraction, money, to escape an unhappy home, sexual gratification, or simply out of desperation. All of those are the wrong reasons, when the realities of marriage hit, one quickly finds pretty faces, muscular bodies won’t help the marriage go very far. And all the money in the world can’t buy a happy marriage.

When you marry you are really marrying a mind. Marriage is more than a physical relationship. It’s not just the meeting of bodies in a sexual experience; it is the meeting of minds. Marriage is conversation, hoping, dreaming, planning and carrying out plans. Marriage is forming, out of what were two, now will be one. Marriage is when a man and woman work toward unity, harmony, peace and happiness.

The joy of finding the right person is described in Proverbs (Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies – Proverbs 31:10). Obviously, a woman who finds the right husband would feel the same euphoria as the man who has found the right wife. The first task is finding the right spouse includes building the qualities in you that will contribute to a happy relationship. Baggage from old relationships, problems from your childhood with parents can and will burn out a marriage. The most important key to marital happiness is understanding each other. We don’t live in a unisex world, in the beginning, God created the human family male and female. In marriage, each is to contribute equally important roles in the relationship.

Marriage is teamwork and effort, a happy marriage is when both partners are giving 100 percent consider the needs and the contribution of the other. When a man and woman become one in marriage, when that unity is formed; marital stability and happiness are the results. When unity is shattered by bickering and selfishness, happiness suffers, and that is why some marriages fail. Marriage is not static, life is filled with ups and downs, good times and bad, triumph and tragedy. Marriages can be tested by difficult times, but that’s how marriages grow and change. Personal growth and change such as continuing education, change of positions on the job, having children. Changes in maturity, and spiritual growth can be even more dramatic than physical changes.

If you received salvation and your husband has not, don’t beat him over the head with Scripture, that will only turn them away from God and you. Let your life be a tract and testimony to him, let him see God manifesting himself through you in character, behavior and speech. Pray and fast for them and allow God to draw them, if He don’t draw them, you surely can’t! When a man and woman find each other, marry with the commitment to spend a lifetime together, grow in understanding of each other’s need and try to establish a spiritual foundation, if not, you live a life that will please God, and treat your spouse with loving kindness and respect as the head of the household. Don’t allow strife and contention and disunity come into the marriage. Respect your marriage, appreciate your marriage, and pray for your marriage.

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