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Calculating The Household Budget

For which of you intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it – Luke 14:28.

Anyone that’s not a millionaire or billionaire needs to make a monthly budget; if not, it will bring about unnecessary fatigue, worry, and fear because of bill collectors when all this could be avoided by sticking to a budget.

Life brings issues, discomfort, and burdens; some of these could be avoided by considering our finances, how much income for the month, and how much in bills for the month. Most of the time, we get ourselves in financial discomfort because of credit cards. Credit cards are good if you know how to use them moderately, meaning you’re not over-purchasing or trying to live off them.

If we take the time to make a list of everything we have to pay and compare it to how much we receive monthly, it will eliminate a lot of heartaches and headaches. We should also consider when purchasing items whether we will be able to make payments if we lost employment or if monthly finances aren’t coming in as they once were.

Income can always be decreased for one reason or another, such as sickness, accidents enabling us not to work, or loss of employment. Never live just for today; if it’s the Lord’s will, you should live like you’re going to see tomorrow and you want to face tomorrow without worries.

Make a conscious decision to set aside money for emergency expenses if they occur. We never know what will happen on any given day or moment. Life is short, and you should be able to enjoy life without worrying about “How Will I Pay for This.” If funds are set aside, this will give you something to lean on just in case an emergency does arrive, or there is a loss of income.

Decide to save a certain amount of money for the month. If you do this as you grow older and are no longer employed, what you set aside will cause you to enjoy life as a senior without returning to work at an old age. Think about the years to come and be prepared for when they come.

Many of the problems people are having is paying for something they couldn’t afford. Why try to impress someone with something that will takes years to pay or lead you into depression and oppression? There is nothing wrong with wanting to have nice things, but if you worry about how you will make the next payment, you’re really not enjoying what you purchased.

See something you want, before purchasing it, take time, and count the cost. How long do you have to pay for it? Will your monthly payments fit into your budget? Can you get the same thing for less if you purchase it elsewhere? Are you purchasing it because you want it or is it because you saw someone else with it, and you can’t let them out do you?

Counting the cost relates to finances and your friendship, marriage, and children. Whatever we do in life will cost and we should take the time and consider what this will cost us. Do I have the time or energy for it? What I’m doing will it cost me my destiny? My friendship with some people will it cost me my reputation. Take time and count the cost of what you’re about to do. Will you be happy you did, or will you regret it later?

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