Helping Women Build their Faith and Relationship with God

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To the praise of the glory of His grace, wherein He hath made us accepted in the beloved – Ephesian 1:6.

God has accepted us through the grace of His beloved Son, because of the love Jesus has for us, He reconciled us to the Father and we can go to Him in prayer when we can’t go to anyway else. His ears are open to our prayer anytime day or night. And, He does not get our prayers confused with someone else prayers.

Women, beautified by God to bring glory, and strength to the nations. Nations are birth by women, it is women that will pray and seek God for the help of the people and will continue to pray until they see the hands of God moving in a troubled world; this is why Satan has attacked women to try to keep them from being who God has ordained them to be. Some women have been aborted; others have been traumatized, brutalized, others forsaken and mistreated, these are those who have been ordained by God and Satan has made them feel as though God does not love them because of what they have been through in life.

God has made everyone free-will agents, and God will not go against the will of someone even if it means that person will harm someone else. The pain you may have went through was not because God didn’t love you, but because Satan hates you. He will bring people in your life that is not for you, but against you to thwart the plan God has for you. As women we need not only educational knowledge, but we need wisdom and knowledge that comes from God, and this wisdom and knowledge will not allow you to be bamboozle by the deceit of a man. Satan uses our appearance to try to make us feel bad about ourselves, we’re not small enough, we’re not large enough. We don’t have the right skin tone, or the length of hair, beauty is more than skin deep, it’s the heart and spirit of a person.

Satan has influenced some women with drugs, alcoholism, and to covet someone else husband, or fornication; all these are actions that will hinder their relationship with God and thwart the plan God has for them. Satan knows that women are powerful when they have a connection with God and his plan is to keep them from having that relationship so he brings things in their lives that keep them bound and wanting not even being aware of their bondage. He makes women feel as though they have done so much wrong that they will not be loved by God nor will He hear their prayers. God loves you no matter what you have done, all He wants is for you to acknowledge your wrong. You may not have hurt anyone, but has scars, bruises, and wounds that only God can heal.

When you can’t talk to anyone else, you can always talk with God. He is there to hear what’s on your heart. He’s there to heal the wounded and broken spirit, but He can’t do it if you don’t talk to Him about it. God loves you unconditionally, you don’t have to prove who you are to Him, He knows who you are, He wants you to know who you are. He has made you with beauty, He has a plan for your life, it’s never too late to get in His plan no matter how old you are, age and time do not matter with God. You’re loved by God, and He wants the best for you, seek Him and His plan for your life. God is your Father, Jesus is there in Spirit to hear your prayer and concerns to take them to the Father. Jesus is the best friend you can have, and He only can make sure your prayers are answered. Never feel as though you’re not loved. God loves you, Jesus loves you; no greater love can one have, accept the love, and be His beloved child and servant. Allow God to heal your wounds, scars, and bruises, allow Him to heal your broken heart and spirit.

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