Practice Makes Perfect

We all probably have heard the saying “Practice Makes Perfect” and it’s a true saying.  Whatever we give our complete focus on we can complete it. In order to make anything a success, actions must be taken, we must take the time to work on what we desire to see (read more…)


Loneliness is something we all experience at one time or another.  You don’t have to be single to be lonely, many married couples are lonely because of disconnection in the relationship or they have little or nothing in common. Loneliness is not known by the elderly but teenagers, young adults, (read more…)

The Power of Belief

John Stuart Mill made the statement “One person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine who only have interest”. The secular world when having a conviction about something they feel is true they call it belief, the Christian community calls it faith. So whether or not one (read more…)