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Unto to the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee – Genesis 3:16.

Priority in Creation denotes man’s authority over woman. God could have created the woman first or both simultaneously, but He didn’t as it was always His intention for man to lead and woman to follow. Meaning the man’s wife, as it was in the Garden of Eden since there was no other woman in the Garden, but Eve, Adam’s authority was for his wife and no other woman. Many have taken this scripture and have made women inferior to men.

God’s intention wasn’t for the woman to be inferior to man, but his equal since He made a woman from Adam’s “bone”. If she had been made from his head or the lower parts of his body, she would be either superior or inferior to him, man misinterpretation of God’s intentions took inferior and placed it upon the woman. In foreign countries, women don’t have the same privileges as men neither do they receive the same protection as men. In the United States, women receive fewer promotions than men and lower wages than men, women are not given some spiritual positions in the church because of man’s interpretation that it should be for a man. So women have been stigmatized both in the natural and spiritual positions because of a like of understanding of scripture. This stigmatization could be the reason why some women don’t respect male authority in leadership as their husband or they will be dominated rather than seeing themselves as equal.

God’s intention for the woman is to be equal, compatible with her husband but allowing their husbands’ to take his leadership position. The reason why some marriages are tolerated rather compatible because they have been in a constant battle trying to prove to themselves and others who they are. They’re trying to prove themselves on their jobs that they are just as reliable as their male co-workers, in their homes, they’re trying to influence their husbands that they have as much wisdom and knowledge as they do. This stigma could be the reason why some women feel inferior to other women because they feel as though they aren’t as exceptional or not as good as other women.

Stigmatic has caused many women to have low self-esteem, overworking themselves to prove a point or over-aggressive, while others are over-spending to dress like someone else, or purchase items they really can’t afford just to make themselves feel they can afford the same as other women. When God created woman, He didn’t create her from the dust as He did with Adam, but He created woman from Adam’s side to make her equal with her counterpart. When God created woman, He created her with a uniqueness, everything God made is good quality, there isn’t any deficiency. No matter what people try to label you, you must know who you are, if you don’t you will spend the majority of your time trying to prove yourself to someone, There is nothing wrong with trying to improve yourself, but when trying to prove yourself to others is when it will become a problem. When we represent ourselves as ourselves that’s when we make the biggest impression because it comes naturally, but when we try to impress many times rather than impressing it becomes a suppression and depression because we’re trying to be someone else.

We have to visualize ourselves as what God has created us, if not, we will be labeled and we will not enjoy the life God has planned for us. We will be comparing ourselves to other women, and this will either make us judgmental, critical or jealous. Spiritually, we will be stagnated because we’re trying to be as others, rather than living in the position God has assigned us to. Every woman has been given gifts and talents that as been assigned to them along with assignment delegated to them by God whether they know it or not, each assignment is different that is why each woman has been created equally, but function differently.

There is no reason for women to be inferior to each other, or to the male counterpart, but to come together in unity, where there is unity there is strength, a lot can be accomplished when women band together and use the gifts and talents God had given them rather than trying to discredit or compete with one another. We are unique, beautiful, talented, intelligent, gifted, a woman that has been formed by the hands of God!

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