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Shield of Faith

He shall cover thee with His feathers, and under his wings shall thou trust(take refuge): his truth shall be thy shield and buckler (small shield). Each of us will have faith in someone or something whether we’re a believer or a non-believer. Faith can be negative or positive; either way, faith will be in action. Faith is what we all need in order to be successful naturally or spiritually, without faith we will not reach our goal or destiny.

Take the patriarch Abraham, who lived in the city of Haran was called by God to leave his family and friends to go into a land he was not familiar with nor did he know exactly where he was going, but he was depending on God to direct him. Abraham was original called Abram prior to God changing his name to Abraham, prior to God’s call on his life, he lived in a city who worshiped the moon-god, Sin. Abraham was 75 years old when he departed from Haran, most likely he too was serving the moon-god. God had a plan for Abraham and He couldn’t get him to his destiny living with his family or the city he was living in. Abraham left his family with his wife and nephew, Lot. When Abraham was living in Haran he received the call, but he didn’t get into the presence of God until he left his family and the city he was living.

In the land of Shechem, the Lord appeared to him and promised He would give the land to Abraham and his descendants. In the midst of the wickedness of Shechem where the Canaanites lived, Abraham built an altar to the Lord. Abraham wasn’t ashamed to publicly worship his God. Abraham gives us an account of one who was chosen out of the family to be a blessing and receive a covenant promise from God for himself and his descendants. Mind you, when Abraham departed from his family and land, they didn’t have children, but God promised him land and a child. You are the one God has chosen to leave the family spiritually to inherit a promise for you and children and your children’s children.

Through you, your husband, children, grandchildren, as well as other people who are not of your family, will receive salvation through your commitment to God (And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house – Acts 16:31), (The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise – Proverbs 11:30). Your calling wasn’t just for you, but for your family and to reach others to bring them to God to enter into the promised land. You may be having all types of circumstances and situations happening in your life that is hindering you from focusing on your spirituality as well as the spirituality of your family. You have an adversary whether you’re a believer or non-believer.

With the non-believer, he’s trying to hinder you from reaching your goals in this life and keeping you blinded to the life after death. God has called each person who will be receptive to the call of God to enter into a land their not familiar with. This land is spiritual, you can’t see it with the natural eye, it’s a call that will bring sacrifices from you to God to enter into the promise God has for you and your family, co-workers, community, city, state and country. The calling of God will sometimes be difficult, you will have to pray when you don’t feel like praying, fast when you want to eat, be quiet when you want to give the individual peace of your mind and give them the direction they can go. Having more tasks to complete than the time you have to do it, this is when you have to make time, to acknowledge God to give you what you need to carry the load.

You’re going on a spiritual journey with the Lord, a place where He wants your attention to follow the directions and assignment He has given you. Your life has been designated by God and He has given you the assignment to be righteous to bring others into the family of God. You can no longer live life hap haphazardly but know you have been called with a purpose and agenda by God, in order to get the direction you too must build an altar. The altar can be your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, or car, whatever you have designated to be your prayer closet. In order to get direction, the chosen has to have a consistent prayer life, time must be spent in reading and studying the word of God to get familiar with His attributes, Spirit, and His voice. As the chosen seeks to please God, He will give directions on how to win your family, how to win others for the kingdom of God. He will give directions on how to minister to your children no matter how old they may be. He will give you strength and courage when it seems as though your faith has failed to reach your loved ones and others.

God has chosen you and has given you His Word to be successful in life both naturally and spiritually. God is your refuge when you get weary on this journey, His word is your shield to fight against the attacks of Satan who is coming after your faith. Satan doesn’t care about anything else you have but your faith, he knows without faith you can’t please God, without faith, you can’t get your request answered either your prayer. Take the Word of God and use it in prayer and confession; faith is not seen, but it is brought from the spiritual realm into the natural realm when the chosen one continues to fight for what they want to be manifested. Fighting is not with people, but with unseen forces that only acknowledge the Word of God. Just as God blessed Abraham with a child and made Abraham a father of nations, He will bless you to birth spiritual children to connect with their Spiritual Father.

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