Let God Dry Your Weeping Eyes

The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry – Psalm 34:15

Too many times we look for other people to comfort us and there is nothing wrong with having someone to comfort you but there is no one that can comfort you or understand you the way the Lord does.  You can talk to Him about anything and if you keep talking He will begin to communicate with you.  Although God already knows what’s going on but by you talking to Him about the situation it gives Him the opportunity to work on your behalf.  It’s building a relationship with a true friend.  A friend that will be there with you until the end.  He will turn the tears to joy, and He will do it before you get to heaven.  The Lord will give you unspeakable joy here on earth while the mess and the issues are still in your life. Let Jesus wipe the tears!

Life brings issues and heart-ache, but God will give strength to the believer to endure until God gives and exit.  Every issue and problem have an entrance, it also has a middle before reaching the exit.  Many times people can’t endure the pain which causes them to have depression and suicidal thoughts while they are in the middle.  Others go into offenses and unforgiveness accompanied with anger and vengeance. All of these will stop the hand of God from moving on your behalf. Let the tears flow and while they are flowing talk to God like you would to your best friend. Sometimes friends can’t be there to give a listening ear, sometimes friends will not want to hear your issue and heart ache, but the Lord is always there to hear and not only hear but to give peace to a troubled mind, soothing a heart-ache, give strength where there is a weakness. No one can comfort you like the Lord, try Him and He will never fail you!

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